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High Vice

October 2023

The Finders & John Norman's Odyssey Foundation

Two Finders men found transporting 6 children through Florida in 1987 had a list of names and addresses on them. At least two of these names were linked to John Norman's trafficking network in Dallas '73, and a third to NAMBLA members suspected of murder.


August 2023

Eye of the Chickehawk

What this article details are the vestiges of an international snuff network trafficking in the murder of children with numerous links to politicians and state intelligence agencies. A network embroiled in four different political ’scandals’ in three separate countries over a period of twenty years. Tendrils of this network extend all the way back to the murders of Dean Corll in 1973 through to those of Marc Dutroux in Belgium during the 1990s. The link? An emerging international black market for snuff films sought by sadistic pedophiles known as chickenhawks, and the opportunity this presented certain groups involved in political blackmail.

High Vice

March 2023

The Atlanta Murders & The Challenge School for Boys.

Two child sex rings were linked to victims of the Atlanta child murders who were also linked to the Challenge School for Boys, a juvenile rehabilitation program located at the West Hunter Street Baptist Church alongside another program called the United Youth Adult Conference(UYAC). The UYAC was affiliated with a group of Atlantan politicians who covered these links up and framed Wayne Williams for these murders, a child procurer known to them involved in UYAC youth programs.


December 2022

John Wayne Gacy and The Delta Project: The Politics of Organised Vice Part 7

Notorious child sex trafficker John David Norman was released from prison in 1977 and moved into an apartment he would setup as a child porn studio just a short twenty minute drive from where soon, the bodies of twenty-nine boys would be exhumed from the crawlspace of the home belonging to infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Coincidence? No. It would turn out that a violent child pimp named Phillip Paske had worked for both.

November 2022

North Fox Island and The Oakland County Child Killings: The Politics of Organised Vice Part 6

The murders of two boys in 1976 and '77 become linked to the North Fox Island child pornography ring and the son of General Motors executive.

September 2022

Troop 137: The Politics of Organised Vice Part 5

Reels of child pornography discovered in a broken down commercial film processing machine was traced to the leaders of a Boy Scout Troop in New Orleans, who had been running a child prostitution service for out of state politicians.


August 2022

North Fox Island: The Politics of Organised Vice Part 4

A private island apart of the estate of an old money philanthropist named Francis Duffield Shelden became the focal point of a 1976 investigation into a child porn ring spanning from state to state, coast to coast, right across the United States.


August 2022

The Delta Project and the Hermes connection: The Politics of Organised Vice Part 3

John David Norman continued the Odyssey Network from prison under a new cutout foundation, The Delta Project. He did this with the help of a young inmate he met, who would just so happen to also work for the serial killer John Wayne Gacy at the time. The Delta Project advertised in the sadomasochist 'chickenhawk' magazine Hermes, financed by a Michigan based Millionaire from an old money family who owned a private island, called North Fox Island.


August 2022

Child pornography ring run by John David Norman covered up by the State Department was linked to the murders of 27 boys in Houston by serial killer Dean Corll, likely involved the production of snuff films by child pornographer Roy Ames.


April 2022

19th Century Aristocratic Rape and Murder Rings


March 2022