This article follows on from events surrounding in the North Fox Island Pedophile Network. A Michigan based child pornography ring uncovered in the mid 1970s with its base of operations on a private island belonging to an old money scion named Francis Shelden suspected of financing snuff films. That investigation leads overseas, and with surprising continuity into the circumstances surrounding the 1982 Elm Guest House scandal in the UK and its connection to a VIP pedophile ring of high-level government officials via a pedophile network called Spartacus. That network in turn was linked to a snuff film operation in Amsterdam during the early 1990s, which was also associated with a broader child murder network linked to Belgian serial killer Marc Dutroux.

What this article details are the vestiges of an international Snuff network trafficking in the murder of children with numerous links to politicians and state intelligence agencies. A network embroiled in four different political ’scandals’ in three separate countries over a period of twenty years.

What is meant by arbitrary terms like 'linked', 'connected', and 'associated’, is evidence to establish interpersonal business relations between suspects or culprits in each case. That is, not in each case to every other, but from one unto the next like a chain.

While the seams of these cases have been stitched together throughout the article with a narrative, the more granular information on each one is self-contained in sections and not overly interspersed, allowing them to be skipped or treated individually for those would like to avoid covering familiar ground. The evidence linking them can be generally be found at the end of each section.

  1. Francis Shelden and the Spartacus Network (US-Amsterdam 1976)
  2. The Elm Guest House Affair and the Spartacus Network (1982 UK, resurfaced in 2012 as the Westminster Pedophile Dossier)
  3. Operation Framework and Warwick Spinks (Amsterdam 1993)
  4. The HIK Investigation into Lothar Glandorf (1994 Netherlands, resurfaced 1998)
  5. The Rolodex Affair and Karel Maasdam (1998 Netherlands)
  6. Apollo Bulletin Boards Service and Robbie Vander Planken (1998)
  7. Marc Dutroux and Michel Nihoul Network (1996 Netherlands)
Francis Shelden and the Spartacus Network

Francis Shelden left Michigan in 1976 after his pedophile associate spilt the beans on his child pornography operation. The district attorney buried Shelden’s arrest warrant in the bottom of their paperwork providing him ample time to get his affairs in order before fleeing to Amsterdam to become a naturalised Dutch citizen protected from extradition.

An informant named Richard Lawson in a cold case investigation into the murders of four children in Oakland County Michigan in 1975 and 1976, known as the Oakland County Child Murders, had alleged one of the victims was killed in a snuff film financed by Francis Shelden. The informant said Shelden had been the North American end of an international child pornography pipeline jutting across the atlantic ocean into Amsterdam.1

Background on the Michigan cases can be found in two other articles on this site:
- North Fox Island
- North Fox Island and The Oakland County Child Killings

One of the front organisations Shelden had used had been The Educational Foundation for Youth in Illinois. The foundation derived a tax exception status as the non-profit subsidiary of an offshore profit making parent company called The Trust Company of The West Indies Inc., which ostensibly operated as an export business shipping surplus American school books to overseas destinations. The incorporating agent for both these had been Adam Starchild, a pedophile offshore tax attorney Shelden had used to incorporate other companies setup as fronts for child pornography and prostitution. In September 1976 Shelden had given Adam Starchild his power of attorney to transfer all of his assets, including North Fox Island, into an offshore trust called the Trust Company of the Virgin Islands, Ltd. Then two years later in 1978 Shelden appointed a prominent Dutch Senator named Edward Brongersma as the primary trustee of his offshored estate using an Amsterdam attorney.2a 2b3

Brongersma had been a prominent advocate for the legalisation of pedophilia within the Netherlands and served as a senior member of the Dutch Judiciary Committee. It is through this political connection Shelden had assumedly been fast tracked for Dutch citizenship protecting him from extradition.4

In Amsterdam Shelden started a newsletter, PAN: A Magazine about Boy-love, under the penname 'Frank Torey’. The same alias he'd used in North American for a newsletter called Better Life Monthly, or BLM, better known amongst its readership as ‘Boy Lovers Monthly ‘.5

The title PAN had been a nod to another publication Shelden had financed in North America called Hermes(Hermes being the father of PAN in Greek Mythology). Which had been used by John David Norman to facilitate an interstate child trafficking network implicated in two separate cases of murdered teenaged boys buried in mass graves. Better known as victims of Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy.

The first volume of PAN was published by Spartacus International in 1979. A publishing house owned by another fugitive pedophile named John Stamford, who’d fled to Amsterdam from the UK under similar circumstances in 1972 after he'd been charged with sending obscene materials through the mail(operating a mail-order child pornography business).6 7

Through the 1970s and 1980s Stamford had operated a child sex tourism business from Amsterdam called ‘Club Spartacus’ under the guise of a homosexual travel guide. This was exposed in the British press during the mid 1980s and led to a raid of Stamford's estate on the outskirts of Amsterdam and the discovery there of copious amounts of child pornography.8 9 10 11

To avoid arrest Stamford hopscotched across to Germany after transferring control of Spartacus International over to a German publisher called Bruno Gmunder Verlag. He’d then fallen under the investigation of German authorities and fled to Belgium sometime around 1992, where he'd finally be arrested in 1994 on miscellaneous child sex trafficking charges for which he was tried in 1995.12 13

Very little can be found on the exact nature of the child sex crimes Stamford had faced. A 1992 article by the German tabloid Gossenblatt Berliner BZ reported Scotland Yard had suspected him of trafficking in snuff films of British boys killed during sex orgies.14

"Chief Detective Kurt Richter from the vice squad: "It's possible that Stamford is hanging around in Berlin. But we don't know exactly where yet." Stamford describes himself as the "king" of dirty business . He fled to Berlin after the police confiscated 16 boxes of child pornography and 25,000 customer addresses from his villa near Amsterdam. Scotland Yard, the famous London police, has a terrible suspicion: Stamford filmed 20 boys dying after sex orgies in England. On these perverse films: after the children have been repeatedly raped by men, they have been strangled, suffocated, strangled. The videos were sold for around 1,500 marks per strip - to particularly good 'customers'"

"Die grosse Angst: Berlin wird Europas Kinderporno-Hauptstadt", Berliner BZ, 13 May 1992, Von Uwe Steinschek. Note: Authenticity of article and translation dependent on secondary source:

In 1992 & 1993 Scotland Yard and Dutch authorities had launched a joint investigation into a group of foreign British nationals in Amsterdam suspected of trafficking in snuff films. This investigation was known as Operation Framework and is covered later in this piece. In response to an FBI information status request on Francis Shelden in 1990s, Dutch authorities reported he and a foreign British national named Kim Tam Ang had been named in a 1993 investigation into an Amsterdam child porn ring. Both Shelden and this foreign British national had been named by the informant back in Michigan who claimed a boy had been killed in a snuff film financed by Shelden's network.15

During John Stamford's 1995 trial a French newspaper reported an associate of his testified Stamford had made a film, or had sought to make a film, of two young Pilipinos being tortured and murdered.16

“In addition, last week, a testimony of a former collaborator was read during the hearing according to which Stamford would have made a film showing how two young Filipinos would have been tortured and murdered by his care. ”

This trial had come to an abrupt end in December 1995 after Stamford died of a heart attack during a hospital stay. Some months later Francis Shelden died too in September 1996. And a month prior to his death it was reported Belgian authorities had been looking into a possible connection between the Spartacus network and one linked to Belgian 'serial killer' Marc Dutroux.17 18 19

We'll place a pin in that for now, as prior to what transpired in the 1990s, Stamford's Spartacus network had been linked quite concretely to another high profile case concerning the investigation into a child brothel called the Elm Guest House in 1982. Which would serve as the genesis to events surrounding what later became infamously known as the Westminster Pedophile Dossier.

Spartacus International and The Elm Guest House

In 1982 Metropolitan police in South West London began to surveil a townhouse owned by a German couple named Haroon & Carole Kasir. The proprietors of a suburban hotel called the Elm Guest House displaying a sign out front which read, ”Spartacus, Club - Welcome”.20

Suspected of operating as an illegal brothel, the Elm Guest House was raided in June 1982 and found to be providing guests with a menu of fetishes they could indulge in with boys as young as ten. Twenty-three guests were detained during the raid, found occupying a suite of bedrooms festooned with whips, chains and sex paraphernalia; and amongst communal areas such as a lounge bar, spa and sauna facility, and a screening room for pornography.21

It was initially reported that according to police sources, three of the guests detained had been parliamentary ministers and a forth a member of the Queen’s royal staff. These reports were swiftly walked back however in official statements made subsequently by authorities involved.22 23 24

Whoever these guests may have been they were all released without charge and soon after reporting on the incident ceased, possibly upon intervention by Attorney General Sir Michael Havers. The German proprietors Haroon & Carole Kasir were charged for keeping a disorderly house and possession/production of child pornography. The latter charges were dropped in 1983 after over seven hours of video footage seized as evidence from the Elm Guest House was ruled inadmissible.25 26 27

That same year a Tory MP named Geoffrey Dickens had handed the Secretary of the Home Office Leon Brittan a dossier on members of parliament and the Queen’s royal staff alleged to have been part of a VIP pedophile ring. Little was made of this at the time, but thirty years later this dossier would serve, at least in part, as the basis for an investigation into historic allegations of child abuse at the hands of a VIP pedophile ring linked to parliament and the Prime Minister's office(Thatcher's).28 29 30

Red Deer Advocate, August 25 1983

Shortly after handing this dossier to the minister responsible for overseeing the domestic intelligence services such as MI5, Geoffrey Dickens started to receive death threats and his home was burglarised multiple times. Then in November 1983 his name and other personal details were found in a notebook belonging to a (hit)man named Arthur Hutchinson, a fugitive wanted for a triple homicide. Because of this a security team had been assigned to Dickens for a number of weeks until Hutchinson was apprehended.31 32

The circumstances surrounding the Elm Guest House resurfaced in 1990 during an inquest into the death of its former owner Carole Kasir from an insulin overdose. Two social workers named Chris Fay and Mary Moss testified Kasir had approached them in 1989 with evidence boys from a nearby foster home called Grafton Close Children’s Home had been supplied as prostitutes to VIP guests of the Elm Guest House back in the early 1980s.33 34

The manager of Grafton Close at that time had been a man named John Stingemore who would later be charged in 2014 for abusing the children there in his care. Stingemore died before his trial could commence, but a Catholic priest named Anthony McSweeney who worked with Stingemore at Grafton Close would be convicted of the same charges in 2015.35 36

During the 1990 inquest into Carole Kasir’s death, John Fay and Mary Moss claimed Kasir had shown them a photograph of an ex-cabinet minister naked with boys in a sauna at the Elm Guest House, and stated Kasir had said other high ranking government officials had also been captured on film there.37 38a 38b 38c

The cabinet minister in question had been Leon Brittan, the Secretary of the Home Office who Geoffrey Dickens had handed his pedophile dossier to in 1983. Another MP named had been Cyril Smith, who would be posthumously exposed as a serial sexual and physical abuser of boys whom police confirmed to have been a frequent guest of the Elm Guest House.39 40 41

These revelations came twenty years later after the allegations received fresh attention in October 2012 when a Labour MP named Tom Watson asked Prime Minister David Cameron before parliament to investigate evidence of, “a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and No 10”.42 This was then followed in November by more specific accusations levelled against Cyril Smith by the MP representing his former seat of Rochdale, Simon Danczuk.

Off the back of these statements made by reputable figures in the wake of what had been recently acknowledged of Jimmy Savile, an investigation was launched by metropolitan polcie into historical allegations of child abuse at the hands of an alleged VIP pedophile ring of high ranking government officials who frequented the Elm Guest House in the early 1980s.

Notes compiled by Chris Fay and Mary Moss on information Carole Kasir had provided shortly before her death, including interviews with victims of Grafton Close and other documentary evidence, were then leaked online by Mary Moss in January 2013 shortly before they were seized under warrant. Moss did this presumedly under the belief this information would be suppressed.43

Notes from Carole Kasir Mary Moss posted online

Notes from Carole Kasir Mary Moss posted online

According to the leaked Mary Moss notes, two men named Terry Dwyer and John Rowe had persuaded Carole Kasir and her husband to renovate their townhouse hotel with a spa and sauna facility for members of “Club Spartacus” in 1979. To help with this the two men had put the couple in touch with a man named Peter Glencross, a South African associate of John Stamford who was the distribution agent for Spartacus International. To prove this, Kasir had produced letters of correspondence from Peter Glencross he'd sent to the Elm Guest House in 1981.43

August 1981

November 1981

October 1981

The Mary Moss notes also contained the names of the VIPs who had allegedly visitedthe Elm Guest House. Among these were MP Ronald Brown, MP Harvey Proctor, Royal staffer Anthony Blunt, barrister Colin Peters,45 as well as the aforementioned Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan. It was these latter two who became the prime suspects of an investigation launched by Metropolitan police in February 2013 called Operation Fernbridge. An investigation which took an ominous turn in 2014 when detectives announced they would be reopening two cold-case child murders(one a missing child presumed murdered) from 1979 and 1981 suspected of a connection to the Elm Guest House and its VIP guests.

Leon Brittan

Cyril Smith

A retired magistrate solicitor named Vishambar Mehrotra, whose son Vishal had disappeared within a mile of the Elm Guest House in 1981, claimed he’d been contacted shortly after his son's disappearance by a male prostitute who said his son may have been taken to the Elm Guest House and murdered by a group of “highly placed” pedophiles. The father said he’d relayed this information to police at the time but they'd refused to investigate.46

“I was contacted by a young man who seemed to be in his 20s. He told me he believed Vishal may have been taken by paedophiles in the Elm Guest House near Barnes Common. He said there were very highly placed people there. He talked about judges and politicians who were abusing little boys"

Another boy named Martin Allen had also gone missing not far from the Elm Guest House two year earlier in 1979. The boy’s father had been the chief chauffeur of the Australian High Commissioner Sir Gordon Freeth, and their family lived in the caretakers cottage on the grounds of the Commissioners residence. The father believed Martin had been abducted by a group of pedophiles, and after Vishal’s disappearance in 1981 it was reported police believed both boys had been abducted by the same group. Vishal's body had been found in February 1982 confirming he'd been murdered, and after the Elm Guest House raid a few months later it was reported Scotland Yard had planned to examine a connection between the two boys and the Elm Guest House. But like other initial reports on the Elm Guest House, this had been denied in an official statement from Scotland Yard soon after.47 48 49

Fast forward then to 2014. Operation Fernbridge detectives learnt a gang of murderous pedophiles led by a man named Sidney Cooke had been looked at as suspects for the murder of Vishal Mehrotra. Cooke and three others had been convicted of the abduction, rape, and murder of three boys during the 1980s and were thought to have killed many more. During an investigation into Cooke and his gang called Operation Orchid, it was discovered one of Cooke's accomplices named Lennie Smith had been a rent boy in the West End thought to have been linked to the Elm Guest House. When Operation Fernbridge detectives checked the original case files to see if any further links between Cooke’s gang and the Elm Guest House had been made, they discovered files pertaining to that aspect of Operation Orchid had mysteriously disappeared.50 51

According to Martin Allen's older brother Kevin Allen, the pair had often washed government cars on the Commissioner's residence and other surrounding buildings under Australian embassy jurisdiction. Kevin said when his brother had gone missing in 1979 Australian intelligence officers had launched an internal investigation into stand-in drivers hired by the High Commission or visitors to its residence as possible suspects. The Commission residence often hosted civic functions attended by members of the Thatcher government. Such as her private secretary Peter Morrison - an alleged pedophile, deputy-director of MI6 Peter Hayman - a known pedophile, as well Home Secretary Leon Brittan.52

Kevin Allen stated there had been a private chauffeur company used by the Australian High Commission to hire stand-in drivers on occasion. The company in question had a number of convicted pedophiles on its payroll, including at one time Sidney Cooke. Another had supposedly been David Smith, the personal driver of Jimmy Savile who turned out to be a convicted pedophile and then died of a heroin overdose the day before his trial. 53 54 55

" Kevin says it was standard practice for the high commission to supplement its regular drivers with stand-in and casual drivers from a particular chauffeur firm located just across the Thames. His research has revealed that this chauffeur firm had, at various times, employed Sidney Cooke, whose gang the “Dirty Dozen’’ would later be convicted and jailed for the torture and murder of three young boys in the 80s. Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur, David Smith, who killed himself last year before standing trial on sex charges, is believed to have had links to the same car company in the late 70s. Cooke and his pedophile cohort are understood to have been some of the drivers who would pick up young care-home boys and rent boys in the expensive cars and deliver them to organised orgies in Barnes, Pimlico and Kensington."

Operation Orchid files hadn’t been the only ones concerning an alleged VIP pedophile ring to go missing in the 1980s. It was also discovered the dossier Geoffrey Dickens handed Leon Brittan in 1983 had since been either lost or destroyed by the Home Office. Which lead to a suspicion past investigations into this alleged ring had been covered-up by MI5.56 57

One instance of a suspected coverup involved Cyril Smith. Smith had allegedly been arrested in the mid 1980s for possession of child pornography found in the trunk of his car by Northamptonshire police. An investigation into the incident by a journalist named Donald Hale turned up evidence suggesting Smith had made a phone call while in custody and was then released shortly after without charge upon intervention by MI5.58 59

A similar incident had allegedly involved Leon Brittan shortly after he'd accepted a position in Brussels as a European Union Commissioner. A customs official named Maganlal Solanki told Operation Fernbridge detectives they had stopped Leon Brittan at the port of Dover in the late 1980s travelling into the UK from Amsterdam with child pornography in his car.60

This had come to light after the customs official was tracked down by journalists who'd discovered Solanki had confiscated 8mm films and video tapes from a man named Russell Tricker at the port of Dover in 1982. The films had featured child abuse of an undefined nature, one of which had been entitled 'LB’. This had lead to speculation by these journalists "LB" had stood for Leon Britton, and that tape in question had featured a boy being abused in Brittan’s presence. While Solanki had refused to comment on the Russell Tricker incident as he’d been bound by the Official Secrets Act, he did mention another incident involving Leon Britton later in the 1980s, which he then confirmed for Operation Fernbridge detectives.61 62 63 64 65 66

The name Russell Tricker had drawn attention because Tricker had been an associate of Peter Glencross and a pedophile linked to Stamford’s Spartacus network. Tricker had operated a coach service across the English Channel in the 1980s used to smuggle boys into Amsterdam for brothels and pornography studios managed there by other British nationals in the network.67 68

One of these was Warwick Spinks, an associate of Tricker's with suspected links to the Elm Guest House when he'd been a teenager. When he was older Spinks became the prime suspect in the aforementioned Operation Framework investigation into the production of snuff pornography films in Amsterdam.69 70

In December 2014 it was reported two informants of the Operation Fernbridge investigation claimed Warwick Spinks had hosted an unnamed British MP(the insinuation being Leon Brittan) at a brothel in Amsterdam called the Blue Boy, where an orgy had been filmed during which a boy had been killed in their presence. Spinks sued the tabloid that reported this for libellous but had his case dismissed.71 72

Despite the totality of circumstancial evidence accumulated over thirty years, Operation Fernbridge was dismantled and relegated to the status of a hoax through the insertion of a single witness into the investigation. In November 2014 a witness dubbed "Nick" came forward with claims he had witnessed children murdered at the Elm Guest House by MPs. These claims were treated to a brief period of credibility during which time the witness “Nick” became the focal point of evidence in the investigation, especially in the press and especially by the BBC. The witness “Nick” was then exposed as a pedophile named Carl Beech who’d provided false information. This had then allowed for all the evidence in the investigation to be painted over with a broad brush as a hoax, and the media narrative to flip from "the accused" to the “the wrongly accused”. Some of whom had actually been wrongly accused by Carl Beech. After this investigation was closed.

This wikipedia entry, as it currently stands in February 2023, cites an article in The Telegraph from September 2015 for the following claim, "No evidence of abuse connected to the Elm Guest House was uncovered, and the operation was closed in March 2015."

If you read the article in question you'll notice it omits everything prior to November 2014, dedicating no more than a single sentence to this period.

"Detectives launched Operation Fairbank as a scoping exercise to probe the claims of VIP child abuse and later Operation Fernbridge, looking at the former Elm Guest House in south west London, where it was rumoured children had been molested by high profile figures. While the internet was alive with rumour and speculation, little firm progress was made in lifting the lid on the so-called parliamentary paedophile ring. But then in November 2014 the saga took a scarcely believable twist when a man in his 40s went into a police station claiming he had been abused for almost a decade by a powerful cabal of politicians, establishment and military figures."

The Telegraph, 21 September 2015

Despite the blatant attempts of well poisoning the facts surrounding the case, the tendrils of the Elm Guest House remain and shoot off into something much darker in Amsterdam during the 1990s.

Operation Framework

In 1990 the obscene materials division of Scotland Yard were tipped off to a group of pedophiles trafficking boys across the English Channel into Amsterdam to use as prostitutes in a number of child brothels masquerading as gay night clubs in Amsterdam’s Spuistraat district. One of these clubs was the Gay Palace managed by Warwick Spinks, who before moving to Amsterdam ran a child pornography and sex tourism business renting out apartments in European hotspots to foreign pedophiles he'd serve as a sort of concierge to.73

Warwick Spinks

Spinks had been running a mail order pornography business from Brighton, before he moved to Amsterdam, where he pioneered the trafficking of boys as young as 10 – first, from the streets of London, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, from the poverty of eastern Europe. Having brought them to Amsterdam, he used these “chickens” himself, sold them into the brothels or through escort agencies and put them in front of the camera. Some resisted, some ran away, but most were made to comply through the removal of their passports and doses of drugs and violence.

The Guardian, November 27 2000

An informant claimed to have seen films screened at the Gay Palace showing boys aged 11-14 being raped by masked men and that Spinks, the clubs manager, had been selling copies of a “special videotape” for £4000 of a boy being tortured. Another informant named “Frank” described a film Spinks had shown him. It had been a snuff film shot inside a barn, showing a boy being tortured with needles then castrated and cut open with a knife. An informant named “Terry” described a snuff film in which a boy had been killed in exactly the same manner - tortured, castrated, then cut open with a knife. Only this one had been filmed inside an apartment not a barn.74a 74b

Yet another informant named “Edward” claimed to have seen five of these snuff films allegedly produced by Spinks and his associates a house in Hoofddorp and on a houseboat. Spinks had a house in Hoofddorp and had used canal boats moored just outside of central Amsterdam as discreet locations for clients of his escort service. He also had an associate named Peter Howells, a convicted pedophile who operated a children’s talent agency called Bovver Boots from a houseboat in central Amsterdam.75 76

An undercover officer posing as a client managed to elicit the following from Spinks, "I knew, some people who were involved in making snuff movies and how they did it was, they only sold them in limited editions, made 10 copies or something, 10 very rich customers in America, who paid $5,000 each, which is a lot of money to watch some kids being snuffed".77

Operation Framework had been a joint investigation with Dutch authorities in 1992 and 1993. 1993 had been the year Francis Shelden was named in an investigation into an Amsterdam child porn ring, with no furhter information given by Dutch authorities. Both Shelden and Spinks had been in the same place at the same time in the same business, both with ties to the Spartacus network of John Stamford. Who in 1992 had repoeredly been under investigation by Scotland Yard for trafficking in snuff pornography. Francis Shelden would be a good candidate for the US connection Spinks had spoken about. Shelden had been suspected of financing snuff films back in Michigan in the 1970s with a Dutch born associate named Josiah Tazelaar. Back then rumours had just been starting to swirl about New York’s cultural elite holding private screenings of real murders. Which were pretty much confirmed when Alan Dershawitz came out to defend their right to do so as a civil liberty provided the screening were private and the victims killed overseas. By 1977 vice cops in LA reported snuff films were being played at parties there featuring victims of serial killer Dean Corll. Though at the time such films were considered by many an urban legend as law enforcement struggled to find hard evidence of any deemed genuine.78 79 80 81

Operation Framework had ended in this way after it failed to turn up hard evidence of an actual snuff film. Unlike other sting operations involving the traffick of illegal drugs or firearms, when it comes to human trafficking traditional law enforcement techniques run into difficulty. If an undercover makes a purchase order for a person and something happens to that people, say in transit as it so often does, they are then culpable. This predicament is even more pronounced when it comes to snuff films.

As Spinks stated the snuff films were “limited editions”, which probably meant made to order. Obtaining one would be ordering the murder of a child. Even selling copies under the guise of this premise would prevent authorities from ever obtaining evidence in this way. The only way to obtain one for evidence would be through search and seizure, in the hope these films would be left lying around. And when Dutch authorities raided Spinks property in Hoofddorp they'd had no such luck. However he had been arrested soon after on child sex trafficking charges.

In August 1993 a distressed boy had shown up at the British Embassy in Amsterdam. He’d escaped through the bathroom window of a night club in the Spuistraat district called The Blue Boy and said he'd been sold to the owner there by a man named Warwick Spinks. The boy had been a runaway from Hastings who Spinks had picked up off the street and taken to his apartment. He’d kept the boy there for a number of days, drugging him with LSD and raping him at knifepoint, then took him in a drug induced stupor to the port of Dover and ferried him over to Amsterdam.82

The Guardian, Jan 17 1995

For this Spinks received a seven year sentence, that was reduced to five, of which he served a little more than three and a half. Upon his release he immediately violated his parole and fled to Prague where he appears to have linked up with former BBC Radio One dick jockey and friend of Jimmy Savile, Chris Denning. Who authorities stated had been operating part of an international child porn network from his Prague apartment.83 84

It appears Prague is where Spinks remained until the BBC reported in November 2012 he'd been extradited back to the UK. Perhaps for MI5 to have word given the timing? He hadn't been kept there long as months later Spinks had been seen roaming free back in Prague. When the UK Ministry of Justice was probed for answers their response, “We do not comment on individuals. Any convicted sex offender who breaches their licence conditions faces spending the duration of their sentence in prison.” That had been in May 2013. About a year before he would sue unsuccessfully over reports he’d organised a snuff orgy at The Blue Boy attended by an unnamed MP(Leon Brittan).85 86 87 88

boys club 21

A night club in Amsterdam's Spuistraat district across the street from The Blue Boy had been Boys Club 21. Another club investigated in Operation Framework for trafficking in snuff films. The manager there had been a convicted pedophile named Alan Williams, nicknamed the “The Welsh Witch“ on account of his violent rapes of boys back in Cardiff, Wales during the 1980s. Alan Williams and two other Welsh pedophiles, John Gay and Lee Tucker, had a video production company in Amsterdam called TAG Films.89 90

John Gay & Lee Tucker

The three had been associates of Warwick Spinks suspected of making the snuff film described by the informant “Frank” inside a barn belonging to a German who frequented The Gay Palace, The Blue Boy, and Boys Club 21. This same German had been identified by the informant “Terry” as the one who’d murdered a boy in similar fashion(tortured, castrated, cut open) in another snuff film. This had led to a raid by German authorities of a video distribution company in Dusseldorf linked to TAG Films called Gero-Video. It had served as a front for child pornography and was allegedly owned by elements of the German mafia according to an alleged bookkeeper familiar with the operation.91a 91b 92 93 94 95

Almost all the Operation Framework informants had also given the same description of a victim killed in one of these films as a German boy named ‘Manny’. Warwick Spinks had mentioned to the undercover a German boy had been killed in a snuff film produced by one of his associates. And Spinks had a German associate named Lothar Glandorf. A fellow child sex trafficker who owned boy brothels in Rotterdam and operated an escort service which came under investigated in 1994 after the disappearance of a 12 year-old German boy named Manuel Schadwald.96 97

The HIK Investigation

Manuel Schadwald was reported missing in July 1993, though little was done for over a year as he’d been considered a runaway. Then in 1994 two teenagers came forward in Hamburg complaining they'd been trafficked into the Rotterdam sex trade. The pair had been working as male prostitutes in Germany when they'd been approached by two Dutchmen who’d offered them large sums of money to travel to Rotterdam and film pornography. However when they arrived their passports were confiscated and had been forced to pay off the cost of their travel, at an exorbitant rate, working in a brothel of a German man named Lothar Glandorf. There they met a boy who said his name was Manuel Schadwald who matched the age and description of the missing boy of the same name they’d seen on a missing person poster. A third teenager from Berlin told a similar story soon after. He’d been taken to Rotterdam and forced to work in a brothel owned by Lothar Glandorf, and from a series of photographs identified Manuel Schadwald as another boy he’d met there.98

German authorities relayed this information to Dutch police in Rotterdam, who put together a task force in September 1994 to investigate Lothar Glandorf and find the missing boy Manuel Schadwald. A wiretap was placed on Lothar Glandorf’s phone and a surveillance team assigned to monitor his movements. Members of this surveillance team would observe Glandorf in the company og a boy they identified as Manuel Schadwald, but inexplicably did nothing. This observation of Glandorf with the boy was never reported to German authorities and was left out of the final report compiled on the investigation into Glandorf, called the ‘De Handel In Kinderen’, or HIK report. It had however been recorded into the raw surveillance logs kept by the team at the time included as an auxiliary. And these were made public when the report was eventually leaked to the Dutch press in 1998 given what else it had contained.

The HIK report found Lothar Glandorf had been smuggling boys from Eastern Europe into his Rotterdam brothels Euro Boys and Young Boys. From there he pimped them out to clients of his escort service and particularly brutal child pornographers. One of these had been a sadistic pedophile named Martin Smollners who'd murdered a boy in 1986. Glandorf had rented Smollners one of his boys to use in a torture porn film in which the boy's testicles had been wired to a generator and the current slowly increased. Glandorf had been sentenced to seven years prison in November 1995, but the investigation into his operation received renewed attention in 1998 when details of the classified HIK report were aired on the Dutch TV news network NCRV.99

The HIK report included transcripts of conversations recorded from the wiretap on Glandorf’s phone. In one of these a senior Dutch government official with the first name “Joris” had called Glandorf from Poland asking advice on how best to smuggle a boy back with him across the Dutch border. In another conversation “Joris” had asked Glandorf whether any new boys were available and mentioned the last one having had an STD.100 101

There is some contention over the identity of this “Joris”. According to the researcher who provides the most thorough English language account of the incident with the article: Dutch Joris Demmink Affair Reveals Heroin, Cocaine and Pedophile Entrapment Affairs, the “Joris” in question had been Joris Francken. A bureaucrat who worked in the Ministry for Health under Minister for Health Els Borst, who would later serve as Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1998-2002.

Els Borst would also be stabbed to death viciously in the garage of her home in February 2014. This seemingly motiveless murder, bizarrely first reported as a possible suicide, occurred weeks after a Dutch court in Arnhem ruled to launch an investigation into historic allegations of child abuse against the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands—Joris Demmink. The other suspected “Joris” from the Lothar Glandorf wiretap conversations.102 103 104

A Dutch author named Tomas Ross who’d defended Joris Demmink against these claims speculated Els Borst had been murdered over what she had learnt during her tenure at the Ministry of Health. Namely, allegations of child abuse at the hands of Dutch politicians that had flowed up to her office through social workers at government care facilities during the 1990s, prone to resurface in any reexamination of that period. Tomas Ross, who had known Joris Demmink personally, admitted Demmink had been a pederast but had never acted on his impulse illegally.105

Joris Demmink resigned as the Secretary General of the Netherlands in 2012 around the time an inquiry had been launched by the U.S Helskini Commission regarding his connection to a 1997 investigation into an Amsterdam child sex escort service used by Dutch Justice officials. What was known as the Rolodex Affair.106

The Rolodex Affair

A man in Amsterdam who'd been arrested for raping his girlfriend's daughter had complained to police of a double standard which allowed government officials to skirt their own child sex laws, and gave them information on an escort service used by a number of Dutch justice officials called Bell Boys. It was operated by a child trafficker named Karel Maasdam(alias Alex Privee), the owner of a nightclub in Amsterdam called the Festival Bar who’d been a business associate of both Warwick Spinks and Lothar Glandorf.107 108 109

A professor from the University of Amsterdam named Prof. Der Van Roon had frequented the Festival Bar and served as a reputable go between for high profile clients of the Bell Boys service. A rolodex of names and numbers of Maasdam's high profile clients kept by Prof. Van Roon fell into police hands and in it discovered the private phone numbers of at least three district attorneys(the Dutch equivalent of): Henry Hans Holthuis, Henk Wooldrik and Jan Wolter Wabeke.

A boy prostitute at the 'Festival Bar' who became a key witness stated Karel Maasdam had provided boys to child pornographers involved in Amsterdam’s snuff film scene. The boy also claimed he’d been introduced to Joris Demmink by Professor Van Roon, and been instructed to have sex with Demmink inside his government car.110

“As escort, I worked for the same brothel owner and worked out of a bar called the Festival Bar, where I met Professor van Roon. Professor van Roon was the man who introduced me to Joris Demmink. We were sitting at a table and he said that I needed to go outside to meet Joris Demmink in his car. Joris wanted to have anal sex with me, and I refused. I did have oral sex with him. The second time that we met, he wanted me to go with him to him home in Den Haag, Riouwstraat 13. I didn’t want to go with him, as we were forbidden to leave the city of Amsterdam by our pimp.”

Further investigation found multiple complaints had been made by government drivers assigned to Joris Demmink in the 1990s. One of these came from a driver named Rob Mostert, who complained Demmink had sex with boys in the backseat of governmnet cars in his presence. The driver had died shortly after his complaint was lodged so it was never investigated.111 112

" A prosecutor and an outside consultant who worked there told this newspaper. Justice officer Tjeerd Postma: “I told the BVD about complaints from drivers about nightly visits to a club and about a business trip to Brussels, where Demmink had sex with a young boy in the back seat of the official car, while the driver saw everything through the rear view mirror."

"According to former Justice Manager John Moeleker, the top officials of the ministry were aware of a complaint that another driver, Rob Mostert, allegedly submitted about Demmink. Moeleker later learned that the case had not been investigated because Mostert died shortly after his complaint. Former Works Council chairman Rinus Bruël says that the complaint has been 'lost'."

Other prominent figures would be implicated as alleged clients of the Bell Boys escort service too, including members of the Dutch Royal family.113 114

"Among those implicated are Prince Claus, the late husband of former queen Beatrix, the former finance minister and executive director of the international monetary fund Onno Rudding, and former Amsterdam mayor Ed van Thijn, the Algemeen Dagblad reports."

A detective who had worked on the case stated the investigation ceased in 1998 shortly after Joris Demmink had been implicated and the case closed with the arrest and sentencing of Karel Maasdam.115 116

According a source of journalist Nick Davies who had investigated the network of connections between child traffickers in Amsterdam during the 1990s, a boy who had worked at Maasdam's Festival Bar had seen the missing German boy Manuel Schadwald in one of Lothar Glandorf’s Rotterdam brothels. And the rumour was the boy had been used in films by associates of Glandorf in the Spuistraat district of Amsterdam, where Warwick Spinks and Alan Williams managed boy brothels.117

“I found a man who looked like Fagin in a flat hat. His real name is Karel Maasdam but he is known here as Alex Privee, owner of the Bell Boys escort agency, producer of boy pornography, close friend of Lothar Glandorf. He is a clever man.”

“And Manuel Schadwald. Well, he had never heard the boy’s name until it started to come out in the Dutch press, but since then, he had heard a little bit about him. There was a boy – an escort who worked for Alex Privee’s agency, Bell Boys – and he had mentioned that he had seen this boy in Glandorf’s clubs in Rotterdam. And there were rumours that he had been used in videos, whether they had been made by Glandorf or by the people in Spuistraat. Perhaps that was a line worth following, he suggested, and carried on ironing.”

The same had been said by a former prostitute of Lothar Glandorf named Robbie Van Der Planken, who had since graduated to become a child trafficker in the network of Glandorf, Spinks, and Maasdam. According to Van Der Planken Lothar Glandorf had sold Manuel Schadwald to Warwick Spinks.118

Robbie Vander Planken

This was learnt after Robbie Van Der Planken became a central figure in a 1998 investigation into, at that time, the world’s largest online distributor of child brutality pornography, being served from a website called Apollo Bulletin Boards hosted on servers located in the seaside resort town of Zandvoort just outside of Amsterdam.

It is here where an interspersed network of European child pornography producers start to intersect in a downstream online distributor. But before we continue, to clarify the three interlinked investigations conducted during the 1990s hinting at such a network:

  1. 1992-93: Operation Framework - A Scotland Yard investigation into snuff pornography produced by a group of foreign British nationals in Amsterdam linked to John Stamford's Spartacus group. The key suspects were Warwick Spinks and three Welsh pedophiles named Alan Williams, Lee Tucker, and John Gay, who ran a film production company called TAG Films linked to a German distribution company called Gero-Video. It was suspected a German associate had been involved in producing these films and a German boy named "Manny" a victim in one of them.

  2. 1994: HIK Investigation - Investigation by Dutch authorities in Rotterdam into the missing German boy named Manuel Schadwald and a German child trafficker named Lothar Glandorf. Glandorf had been a business associate of Warwick Spinks and the last person Manuel Schadwald had been seen with. It was discovered Glandorf had provided boys to violent child pornographers and operated an escort service in Rotterdam used by at least one Dutch government official named "Joris".

  3. 1997: Rolodex Investigation - Investigation into an Amsterdam escort service called Bell Boys operated by Karel Maasdam. Maasdam had been an associate of both Warwick Spinks and Lothar Glandorf. Dutch justice officials and other prominent figures had been suspected clients of Maasdam's escort service, including Joris Demmink.

Apollo Bulletin Board Service

A controversial investigative journalist named Marcel Vervloesem investigating the disappearance of Manuel Schadwald for an NGO called the Morkhoven Workgroup, had come across Lothar Glandorf’s name in a police report from 1992 detailing a raid on an underage sex party in the Dutch town of Wallre. Vervloesem discovered Glandorf had been found at the time in the company of a teenager named Robbie Van Der Planken. He managed to track Van Der Planken down in Amsterdam sometime in June 1998, and through him had been introduced to a German man named Gerrit-Jan Ulrich. A 49 year-old computer technician living in the seaside town of Zandvoort just outside of Amsterdam where he owned a computer store called Cube Hardware.119 120

Gerrit-Jan Ulrich invited Vervloesem to meet with him at his apartment in Zandvoort, which Vervloesem found full of computers, digital storage disks, and networking equipment dialed up to five phone lines. Gerrit-Jan Ulrich revealed himself as the administrator of a child pornography website called Apollo Bulletin Board Service, and handed Vervloesem a collection of encoded disks which containing thousands of images and videos of violent child abuse, along with lists of clients who were paying to access these from around the world.121 122

Gerrit-Jan Ulrich

Why Ulrich agreed to meet with Vervloesem and admit to this is unclear, as are the exact circumstances through which they had met. One of Ulrich's neighbours would say he had heart disease and not long to live. According to Vervloesem, Ulrich had feared for his life and sought some kind of contingency or life insurance from the network who produced these materials.123

Days after this meeting Ulrich fled the Netherlands then called Vervloesem from Italy. He said he was frightened and hadn't long to live, and told Vervloesem there was a cache of digital disks beneath a floorboard of his apartment which contained information on his network of associates.124 125

A few days after this phone call Ulrich’s body was discovered in a forest near Pisa, Italy on June 20 1998. He’d been shot in the back multiple times and Italian police had arrested Robbie Van Der Planken for his murder.126

When Dutch police were notified of Ulrich’s death they'd inspected his apartment and found noticeable signs of a child pornography operation. Everything was left as it was and a surveillance team was assigned to monitor the apartment. Within a few days Vervloesem was caught breaking in to retrieve the disks Ulrich told him were hidden beneath a floorboard. Police retrieved these disks along with hundreds of others in Ulrich's apartment, found to contain tens of thousands of images and videos showing extremely violent sexual abuse of children and even infants.127 128

A child psychiatrist who inspected some of the materials stated, “I’ve never seen anything like this. The pictures show very disgusting things, sexual abuse, violence, and the tying up of young children. There were children aged four to five, children aged eight to nine, and I saw one child about 18 months.”.129 Some images and films were described as "almost killing," as "very special, very aggressive, very hard, mechanically brutal”.130

The disks retreived from beneath the floorboard contained information on the network of suppliers involved in producing these films and images. Two of those identified by authorities had been Warwick Spinks and Lothar Glandorf. Warwick Spinks’ name had also been found in an address book belonging to Robbie Van Der Planken.131 132

Gina Bernard

What police hadn’t seized however were the disks given to Vervloesem by Ulrich shortly before his death. Vervloesem hadn’t trusted Dutch authorities, so had passed them on to others in Morkhoven workgroup, who had made copies of the originals before they'd been forced to hand them over under threat of imprisonment. The member of the workgroup who had taken possession of the Apollo disks was Gina Pardaens-Bernaer, a computer specialist who'd been working closely with Vervloesem on the Manuel Schadwald case. On November 15 1998 Gina Bernaer's body was found inside the wreckage of her car which had crashed into the concrete pillar of a bridge at full speed.133

Two days before her death Bernaer had sent copies of the Apollo disks to CIDE (International Committee for the Dignity of the Child) in Geneva with a letter stating her life had been threatened. Earlier that week she’d reported receiving death threats to police, as well as an incident in which her son had been driven off the road while riding his bike by a car.134 135

According her friends and colleagues, Bernaer had discovered a snuff film on the Apollo disks of a girl being murdered by an associate of the child sex trafficking network exposed during the 1996 investigation into Belgian 'serial killer' Marc Dutroux.136

In 2001 the Morkhoven Workgroup followed up on this lead, tracking down a transvestite in the Amsterdam named Robert Jan Warmerdam who said they had known Marc Dutroux. Apparently Dutroux had frequented the child brothel nightclubs in Amsterdam as well as two hardcore pornography studios called Rex Productions and Roxanne Films. Roxanne Films was located at 111 Admiraal de Ruijter Road in a building owned by a transvestite named Difier Pellerin. Pellerin had been interviewed back in 1996 regarding Dutroux and had confirmed a woman named Marlene Decokere had worked at one of the studios. This woman had been the mistress of Michel Nihoul, the man whose network Dutroux had been linked to.137 138

According to Warmerdam, Dutroux had mentioned a nursery near the studio where babies could be taken for use in pornography. Among the abuse materials which had been found on the Apollo disks had been videos and photos of infants, as well as a document detailing a pricelist to access infants for sex. Just down the street from the Roxanne Films studio had been a nursery called Jenno's Knuffelparadijs' crèche, located at no. 74 Admiraal de Ruijter. In 2010 it was discovered this nursery had been used by a pedophile named Robert Mikelson to procure babies for use in pornography distributed online.139 140 141 142

Warmerdam also said Marc Dutroux had known Robbie Van Der Planken and the two had frequented a club in Amsterdam called “G-force”. It had been reported by Dutch newspapers Dutroux had been spotted in Amsterdam nightclubs in the early 1990s with pedophiles suspected of kidnapping boys from Berlin.143 144

The analysis of the file allows only the following conclusion: Dutroux worked together with a pederast ring that was active throughout Europe. The center of the ring is the red light scene in Amsterdam, where Dutroux was seen, according to several witnesses. Along with those men who are also suspected of kidnapping Berlin boys.

After his arrest for the murder Gerrit Ulrich, Robbie Van Der Planken had admitted he and Glandorf had escorted Manuel Schadwald from Berlin to Rotterdam and stated in an unaired tv interview the boy had then been sold to Warwick Spinks in Amsterdam.145

According to his father, Van Der Planken had actually featured as an actor of a film in which Manuel Schadwald had been killed. The transvestite Warmerdam claimed to have seen this film as well, stating the boy had suffocated during forced oral sex. The same description had been given of a snuff film by the informant “Edward” during Operation Framework, “A man molests a boy on a boat. The child suffocates. Panic breaks out on board. The camera falls over.”.146 147

Sources within the AIVD(Dutch intelligence agency) told the press this boat had been a yacht called “der Apollo“, owned by a Dutch accountant named Leo Van Gasselt who’d been the business partner of Gerrit Ulrich.148 149

In Germany a former liaison officer between the KGB and Stasi named Wanja Götz stated in an affidavit Manuel Schadwald's step-father had been a former Stasi agent named Rainer Wolf. The step-father had been known to frequent a club owned by Lothar Glandorf in Berlin called Pinocchio Bar, and the theory was Manuel Schadwald had never been kidnapped, but rather sold to Glandorf by his step father. Which would fit with Robbie Van Der Planken's use of the word 'escort' in his admission he and Glandorf had taken the boy to Rotterdam. A German politician named Bernd Schmidbauer who had coordinated German intelligence services during the 1990s stated there had been indications of a link between a Stasi blackmail operation and Marc Dutroux.150 151

"The Ministry for State Security (MfS) of the GDR used child pornography to blackmail influential personalities in Western Europe. That explains the former liaison officer between the former Soviet secret service KGB and the MfS, Wanja Götz (code name "Grigori"), in an affidavit that the Berliner Morgenpost has received. "The blackmailed include politicians, judges and industrialists, some of whom still have influence in western democracies. After the fall of the wall, the former Stasi network turned the secret service into financial interests. Rainer Wolf, the father, played a key role of the still missing Berlin boy Manuel Schadwald", reports Götz, who lives in Berlin.

According to research by the Berliner Morgenpost, the Belgian child trafficker Marc Dutroux, arrested in August 1996 and accused of murdering several girls, also worked for the Stasi at times. "There were indeed indications that such information could be found in the Stasi material that was leaked to the American secret service, the CIA. The Belgian secret service would be well advised to evaluate these documents thoroughly," says Bernd, former intelligence coordinator of the Kohl government Schmidbauer (CDU). During the turning point, the CIA was able to secure extensive material about the espionage department of the MfS reconnaissance headquarters. Because of the explosive nature of the information contained therein, also about Western European politicians, these documents are still withheld from the public."

You can never trust a spook, especially to provide confirmation of what is already suspected. However, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence leading back to Germany. A nation at that time in the midst of cementing itself as the dominant power within the European Union. When the stakes are high I would imagine the blackmail becomes more extreme. And what a cluster fuck of converging vested interests the consolidation of the European Union must’ve been behind the scenes. If there was a link to a German blackmail operation, I would suspect the roots of it to be found in agencies involved with the sausage making of the European Union. Who would handle any blowback with a limited hangout placing the blame on the Stasi in East Germany.

So far as the links to Germany go. The Elm Guest House had been owned by a German couple. It had been operated as a “Club Spartacus“ child brothel setup by Spartacus International. There is evidence this child brothel was used by UK politicians who'd been recorded there on video and that this had been covered up by MI5. The German owner Carole Kasir who later exposed the connection between the Elm Guest House and Spartacus died suddenly of an insulin overdose in 1990. Spartacus International had been absorbed by a German company called Bruno Gmunder Verlag. It's owner John Stamford had fled to Germany before his eventual trial in 1995, during which he suddenly died from a heart attack.

A group of pedophiles in Amsterdam linked to Spartacus owned a video production company called TAG films suspected of making snuff films. TAG Films used a German video distribution company called Gero-Video located in Dusseldorf. The missing German boy Manuel Schadwald who was thought to have been killed in a snuff film made by these pedophiles was thought to have featured in at least one video distributed by Gero Video called “The Poison Dwarf”.

Lothar Glandorf, an associate of these pedophiles, was a German national who owned a child brothel in Berlin. Gerrit Ulrich, another associate of these pedophiles, was a German national who administrated a child pornography website. When Ulrich handed over disks containing information on this network he was murdered in Italy. Gina Bernaer who took possession of those disks then died suddenly in a car crash. And it appears intelligence agencies from as far away as the United States had a particular interest in a particular film said to be on them.

Shortly before her death Gina Bernaer told journalists she was in possession of the Manuel Schadwald snuff film featuring Robbie Van Der Planken. She said the US Secret Service had aprroached her over the film and had offered to take her into witness protection in exchange for it.152

"The Poison Dwarf" distributed by Gero-Video purportedly featuring Manuel Schadwald

"Meanwhile, there seems to be new progress in the Dutch part of the investigation into the Zandvoort network. Soon a letter rogatory will leave from Haarlem, where the investigation will be centralized, to Italy to interrogate the Belgian Robbie Vander Plancken, who is in prison there. On a video recovered by the Werkgroep Morkhoven, he can be seen in the company of the boy Manuel Schadwald (13) who disappeared in Berlin in 1993. Vander Plancken is suspected of the murder of Gerrie Ullrich."

"Gina Pardaens-Bernaer worked intensively on the Schadwald and Dutroux cases in the 1990s and wanted to prove a connection between the murders even then. She sought contact with private investigators and journalists. Also spoke to us about having the video with Manuel Schadwald. "You know, things are getting more and more dangerous. I get death threats. In addition, American secret service agents approached me. They want to take the film and me into the witness protection program for it," said Gina Pardaens-Bernaer in her home in Hernein October 1998."

This had been before Bernaer had told of another snuff film found on the Apollo disks Ulrich had handed over. One featuring an associate of the network linked to Marc Dutroux. And there's also a context here yet to be touched on. When Gina Bernaer had driven full speed into the concrete pillar of a bridge, she'd become one of more than twenty 'accidental' or 'sudden deaths' of those linked to the investigation into Marc Dutroux. It only gets worse from here.

German television broadcaster ZDF in 2001 covering the many witnesses who died suddenly in connection to the Marc Dutroux investigation. Gina Pardaens-Bernaer mentioned at 8 minute mark.

  1. July 4, 1995: Alexandre Gosselin, Bernard Weinstein's neighbor
  2. August 25, 1995: Guy Goebels, gendarme investigating the disappearance of Julie and Melissa, committed suicide in his apartment with his service weapon
  3. November 1995: Bernard Weinstein, Dutroux's accomplice, poisoned by Dutroux
  4. November 5, 1995: Bruno Tagliaferro, poisoned scrap dealer who wanted to testify against Dutroux
  5. April 2, 1995: Jean-Pol Taminiau disappears, he had rented a garage near a hangar rented by Dutroux. One year after the disappearance a foot of Taminiau is found
  6. July 26, 1995: Francois Reyskens, run over by a train shortly before a hearing
  7. February 21, 1996: Simon Poncelet, a policeman investigating the Dutroux car-jacking milieu and the son of a judge, was shot dead in his office during the night shift 153
  8. August 22, 1996: Michel Binon, acquaintance of Marc Dutroux, suicide
  9. December 5, 1996: Michel Poiro, nightclub owner who was acquainted with Michel Nihoul, shot dead before a meeting with the parents of Julie and Melissa
  10. February 2, 1997: Christoph Vanhexe, journalist investigating Dutroux case, dies in car crash
  11. March 5, 1997: Joseph Toussaint, confessor of Michelle Martin, died of a heart attack
  12. March 7, 1997: Christian Coenraets, inmate who was supposed to testify about his relationship with Weinstein but fled the day before testifying, is found dead a month later
  13. April 25, 1997: José Steppe, dies two days before he was supposed to testify to a journalist and the gendarmerie
  14. July 2, 1997: Virginie Pinon, almost-victim of Dutroux, dies of mucoviscidose
  15. November 16, 1997: Gérard Vannesse, Gendarme officer and one of the runners of Nihoul, dies of a thrombosis
  16. April 5, 1998: Brigitte Jenart, a friend of Michel Nihoul, commits suicide
  17. April 7, 1998: Anna Konjevoda is found dead in the Maas (a river), the body shows signs of beatings and strangulation
  18. December 18, 1998: Fabienne Jaupart, wife of Bruno Tagliaferro, burns to death in her bed
  19. July 13, 1999: Hubert Massa, a public prosecutor commits suicide
  20. August 15, 1999: Grégory Antipine, police officer, commits suicide by hanging
  21. November 4, 1999: Sandra Claeys, Michel Lelièvre's ex-girlfriend commits suicide
  22. March 1, 2001: Jean-Jacques Feront, paedophile hunter who dies of a heart attack
  23. March 28, 2001: Nadège Renard, ex-girlfriend of Jean-Pol Taminiau, dies in a car accident
  24. May 17, 2001: Pierre-Paul "Pepe" De Rycke, acquaintance of Michel Nihoul, commits suicide
  25. Source:

Marc Dutroux & The Michel Nihoul Network

Marc Dutroux

In early August 1995, after the disappearance of two eight year old girls a month earlier in July, police in the Belgian city of Charleroi began surveilling one of seven houses belonging to an unemployed electrician named Marc Dutroux. A petty criminal named Claude Thirault had told police Dutroux hired him in 1993 to help renovate a section of the basement into a hidden dungeon where he intended to imprison kidnapped girls. Police inspected the renovations but had accepted Dutroux’s explanation he was merely installing a new drainage system.154

Two days after the disappearance of Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo in July 1995, Claude Thirault reminded police of what he had reported in 1993. Emphasising a remark Dutroux had made when the two had been passed by high school aged girls, “If you want to kidnap them, you’ll make 150,000 franks. . .Grab them from behind, put a sedative drug under their nose, pull them into the car, and lock the doors”.155 Dutroux hadn’t been joking.

In 1986 he'd been charged with the kidnap, torture, and rape of five girls between the ages of 11-19 for which he was sentenced to 131/2 years. He was granted an early release in 1992 by a justice minister named Melchior Wathelet, who was soon after appointed to the European Court of Justice and would later be named as an abuser in a network Dutroux was subsequently linked to.156 157 158

Surveillance of Dutroux’s house commenced on August 10 1995 under the auspices of an investigation led by a police inspector named Rene Michaux called Othello. At this time Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo had in fact been imprisoned in the basement of this house.159

On August 22nd Dutroux kidnapped two more girls and brought them to the house. Seventeen year-old An Marcha and nineteen year-old Eefje Lambrecks. Two friends who had disappeared after being hypnotised on stage at the performance of a magician named Rasti Rostelli. This will be revisited in an addendum. Since the basement had been occupied, Dutroux tied the girls up in a bedroom for a couple of weeks then removed them from the house and took them somewhere to be murdered. Police surveillance somehow failed to notice any of this, so Dutroux continued about his business.

A few months later in early December 1995 Dutroux was then arrested and jailed on unrelated auto theft charges, after he and an associate named Bernard Weinstein kidnapped and drugged three teenagers involved in stealing truck. One of them had escaped and gone to police.160

As a result Dutroux’s house had been searched twice in December 1995 by members of the the Othello investigation team. On one of these occasions both a locksmith and the lead detective Rene Michaux had heard children's screams coming from the basement where Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo were still being held. The search of the basement failed to locate the two girls, who were being held in partitioned cells hidden behind some plywood removable shelving. These screams were deemed to be coming from children outside and as a result the two girls were left to starve to death while Dutroux served four months in jail on the auto-theft charges.161

Investigators had however, found the following items in Dutroux's basement which were booked into evidence: Videotapes, a speculum, vaginal cream, chains, and chloroform. The videotapes contained footage of Dutroux raping a number of girls and some of him constructing the hidden extension of the basement. These videotapes were returned to Dutroux’s wife shortly after they'd been seized as evidence. When it was later revealed what had been on them, police claimed to have never viewed them despite the fact they’d been seized with items one would suspect to find in a rapekit.162 163

The investigation into Dutroux as a suspect was dropped in January 1996 while he was in jail and two month later he was released for “humanitarian reasons” in March. In May Dutroux kidnapped another girl, twelve year-old Sabine Dardenne. And then another on August 9th, a fourteen year old named Laetitia Delhez. A witness had spotted a white van driving suspiciously around the time and place of Laertitia Delhez’s abduction and had provided police with a partial license plate number. A match was returned on a white van owned by Marc Dutroux, who was then arrested along with his wife and an accomplice named Michel Lelievre.164 165

This breakthrough led to the rescue of Sabine Dardenne and Laetitia Delhez who were found in Dutroux’s basement starved but still alive. The two girls he’d abducted in July 1995, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo, were found buried on another of Dutroux's properties. He had a total of seven. The bodies of An Marcha and Eefje Lambrecks who had been abducted in August were also found buried on one of these. As had been the body of Dutroux's associate Bernard Weinstein, who he'd killed in November 1995 around the time of his auto theft charges.166

This is where the story generally ends. With the capture of a serial killer after a series of police failures. But it’s really where it starts. As Marc Dutroux was not a serial killer. He was a profit driven and rather marginal figure on the periphery of a particularly brutal child sex trafficking network linked to powerful individuals.

Dutroux had somehow managed to generate enough income as an unemployed electrician on welfare to own seven properties. Videotapes of child rapes seized from these properties went someway to explaining his supplementary income, as authorities stated he’d been selling them on to sadistic pedophiles. He'd also been part of an auto-theft ring which used youth gangs to boost cars and sell drugs. Which had somethin to do with his charges in December 1995. But his main source of income came from human trafficking, as the girls he'd been kidnapping had been sold on to clients of a businessman named Michel Nihoul.167

Concurrent to the investigation into Dutroux had been another into reports of men driving white Mercedes following and photographing school girls in the same areas Dutroux had been kidnapping them. An informant told investigators these men were part of a network which put together catalogues of prospective kidnapping victims for clients. A client could pick a girl by her photo and for a fee she would be snatched off the street and delivered to them. The white Mercedes were found to be company cars registered to a secondhand car exporting business called, Achats Services Commerces(ASCO), owned by a man named Michel Nihoul and run by some of his associates.168 169

Michel Nihoul

Nihoul was a quasi-underworld figure brushing shoulders with members of the clean professions at a nightclub called The Dolo, where he was well-known as a libertine who hosted socialite sex parties at a rented chateau during the 1980s. Parties he was suspected to have secretly filmed.170

Michele Martin(Dutroux’s wife) and Michel Lelievre(Dutroux's accomplice) both stated Dutroux had kidnapped victims based upon orders received from Michel Nihoul. Dutroux would later admit this during his 2004 trial once his fate became clear.171 172 173 174

Nihoul had been charged as a fourth accomplice in the kidnapping of Laetitia Delhez shortly after. Then later in August a senior detective named Georges Zicot in charge of the auto theft division of the Charleroi police department was arrested and charged for insurance fraud and document forgery regarding a stolen truck. The senior detective had been an associate of Bernard Weinstein, the accomplice of Marc Dutroux who'd been killed in November 1995 just prior to Dutroux's arrest on auto theft charges. Which had involved the kidnapping of three teenagers who had stolen a truck.175 176 177

Nine other police officers from Charleroi were then questioned over suspected links to the Dutroux linked auto-theft ring as well. Another from the city of Dinant was detained and questioned over their association with Michel Nihoul.178

When Michel Nihoul’s home had been searched videotapes of violent child pornography had been seized, some of allegedly featured prominent people.179 180 181

Following Nihoul's arrest in August, the police searched his residence and secured 300 videos, some said to contain footage of high-society figures and others of child pornography. Last autumn, segments of one such video -- showing a middle-aged man beating a 9-year-old -- were broadcast on the European satellite network RTL.

Michel Nihoul had entertained the notion later in an interview he granted the German newspaper Der Spiegel in the lead up to his trial:

Then he talks about the past. How he and Marleen threw group sex parties "but in style!" attended by influential politicians and officials. In the Le Dolo club or in the Faulx-Les-Tombes rental castle near Namur. There should be photos and film recordings of these amusements. Nihoul likes to flirt with his guest list. One of the first sentences was: "I have the government in my hands".
He's just a trader. He deals in everything he can get his hands on. With fish, with pills, with women and lately with stories. An interview costs 1,000 marks: "Add another 20,000 and I'll send you an incumbent minister who is involved in a murder." Allegedly everything can be proven: "I know the murderer and have him call the minister. You're listening, okay?".
Then Nihoul asks to turn off the recorder and lowers his voice. There's another special offer. For a six-figure sum. “Because then I would have to leave Belgium. I give you the photo of the then Prince Albert jumping on a 16-year-old girl. Naked. Recorded on the second floor of the Mirano Club 20 years ago."

The judge assigned to oversee the investigation into Marc Dutroux, Michel Nihoul, and a possible child trafficking network had been Jean-Marc Connerotte. A magistrate with an established reputation as a crusader from his prior investigation into the 1991 assassination of the former Belgian deputy prime minister Andre Cools. A case Connerotte had been removed from in 1994 in a move widely seen as a cover-up of the investigation by higher-ups.182

Political overtones from this appeared in the case at hand when the family of Andre Cools accused the Minister of Justice Melchior Wathelet, the same Minister who'd ordered Dutroux's early release in 1992, of having played a role in the cover-up of that investigation. Their accusations came after a motorcycle matching the description of one used by the assassins was excavated from grounds of one of Dutroux’s properties in September 1996 during a search for his victim's bodies.183 184 185

Judge Connerotte publicly appealed for victims of a suspected network linked to Dutroux and Nihoul to come forward, and having demonstrated his willingness to investigate the existence of a network with alleged links to powerful individuals, eight people identifying themselves as victims did. These became known as the X-witnesses.186

In September 1996 Connerotte assigned a team to investigate the voracity of their claims led by a prosecutor named Michel Bourlet. Over a matter of months the team compiled x-witness statements and the findings of their investigations into them, in a highly classified dossier known as the X-dossier.

A month into this investigation Connerotte was removed from the case after eating a plate of spaghetti at a public function held in support of Dutroux’s victims. His removal sparked a series of large scale protests known as the White Marches. Up to 300,000 Belgians dressed largely in white took to the streets in protest of what was viewed as a coverup of connections discovered between a criminal network linked to Dutroux and Nihoul, senior police, and as of yet unidentified powerful individuals. The White Marches included wide-spread labor union strikes and spectacles such as firemen hosing down the courts of justice with their trucks.187a 187b 188

After the protests subsided Michel Bourlet and his investigative team were accused by higher Belgian authorities of fabricating evidence and were replaced also. However, the classified x-dossier they’d compiled was soon leaked to Flemish journalists in 1997, who released the details of its findings in a 1999 book entitled, The X-Dossiers, which led to a lawsuit brought against its publisher by the head the Belgian monarchy King Albert.189 190

A summary of the x-dossier was also compiled by court order during the trial of Marc Dutroux in 2004. A copy of this highly classified summary document was then leaked to Wikileaks who released it publicly without redaction in April 2009. Perhaps why, more than one would think, Julian Assange now spends his time beneath the Old Bailey in the City of London. Not to be confused with London City.191 192 193

Much of what the X-dossier contains is hard to believe. It describes extreme acts of sexual violence against children, and I do mean extreme, committed by some of the most high profile people in Belgium at the time. Politicians. Magistrates. Royalty.

Some of it reads not unlike passages from the Donatien Alphonse François (Marques de Sade) novel 120 Days of Sodom. Which was adapted into the better known Italian film Salo by director Pier Paolo Pasolini. The film is about four leaders from the pillar institutions of Fascist Italy; a Bishop, a Magistrate, a Duke, and a President; who meet at a palatial estate in the twilight of WW2 to torture, rape and murder a group of kidnapped youths.

Pasolini had made a point to dress the guards of these fascist leaders with uniforms of the Decima Flottiglia MAS, a former regiment of the Italian Navy commanded by Junio Valerio Borghese. Also known as the Black Prince of House Borghese, a family of the Black Nobility. Perhaps insinuating Pasolini hadn't viewed his film as entirely fictitious.

Unlike other Fascist collaborators strung up beside Mussolini in the Piazzale Loreto, Junio Borghese had been chaperoned to the sanctuary of Vatican City by OSS spook James Angleton(or so it's claimed) in the early days of Operation Gladio. And had lived on to become a prominent figure in Italy's postwar Fascist movement. A bizarre thing was Pasolini was murdered horrifically in 1975 just prior to Salo’s theatrical premiere. Reels of another film he’d been working on were stolen and Pasolini had reportedly gone to meet with the thieves demanding money. His partially burnt remains were found with most of his bones broken and his testicles smashed in with a blunt object.

Like Salo, the X-dossier contains accounts of youths being tortured and murdered at parties attended by prominent members of Belgian society. Politicians. Magistrates. Royalty. Many with ties to Operation Gladio and the European neo-fascist movement at large.

The reason why parts of the X-dossier should be taken seriously is largely to do with the verifiable accounts given by the witness known as X1. Whose identity was leaked to the press in 1997 as a woman named Regina Louf soon after the team interviewing her had been replaced.

X1 claimed she'd been raised as child prostitute by her grandmother and sold at an early age to a pimp named Tony Van den Boggaert, who leased her as “entertainment” at what she called ‘abuse parties’, organised by Michel Nihoul during the 1980s. X1 said Marc Dutroux had been present at some of these parties and functioned as a sort of caterer suppling attendees with drugs, victims, and other kinds of vice.194

X1 explained how the business aspects of Nihoul’s operation worked:

"Since I was 8 or 9 years old, Mitch [Nihoul] would often enough take me with him and give me the assignment to hang around a certain customer. I liked doing that. I enjoyed seeing them shamble around, their efforts to stay out of my way unnoticed. I smiled when Mich asked me to stand next to a customer to make a picture, and how the customer reluctantly smiled and put a weak arm around my shoulder... The glances which were then exchanged between the one taking the picture and the customer were priceless. The customer knew he was trapped... In the night they had been the boss, now they were prey... Too bad that most of them, once they knew they had been trapped, went to experiment even more during the night... In Brussels there was a villa in which a room was set up with built-in cameras. Even in the 1970s these cameras were so discrete that only the people who maintained them and the child-hookers knew where they were located... Why did I had to get those guys clearly in the picture, why was I supposed to get them to hit me and brutally rape me? Why was 'regular' sex often not enough?... Blackmail, the word that was never mentioned, I only started to really understand when I was thirteen, fourteen years old... The deals that were struck between the perpetrators were negotiated before I went to bed with them, while I was sitting with them at the diner table - like the carrot in front of the mule to make him go faster - or after the sex. As appetizer or dessert, it made no difference to me, for them it was a way to keep each other to the deals made, unwritten contracts with enormous binding power. Because once you've had sex with a child, you are branded... unless all parties keep their mouths shut. Then nothing tastes sweeter than a child, one of the perpetrators once remarked. Contracts between the business milieu and the political world, contracts between businessmen amongst each other, fraud with subsidies or licenses, setting up fake firms, criminal contracts like arms trade... everything was possible. And it always ended with sex and children... Pictures were taken, in jest, to keep both parties to their contracts... The men were brought to ideas by child pornography movies that were played at parties... The pimps also had another tactic. They invited a person who could be useful to them. They went to dine with him, and took him - after he had been liquored up - to a 'party'. Men from the top layer of society are used to visiting or getting offered prostitutes. They usually knew that something like this would follow, and the prostitutes they would see upon entering would be slightly older girls, between 16 [sexually mature in Belgium] and 18 years old. More booze and cocaine would be supplied, for ambience. And only then the 'prey' would be taken to a room where a younger girl was waiting, like me, then. I had the assignment to get him into bed with me and if I didn't succeed in that sanctions would follow. The bed scene was secretly filmed and served for blackmail purposes. Most men probably realized only afterwards in what kind of hornet's nest they now found themselves, but by then it was far too late... Men were introduced to the network by colleagues, friends or family members. Carefully or slowly, or briskly after a party. Step by step customers, who first went to bed with me cautiously, were stimulated to rougher sex. I was forced to help them with that... They became complicit and at the same time their mutual connections became tighter. Not one of these people was still inclined to sign contracts with individuals outside the network. If that happened one could make them pay dearly for that... I always pretended to like their advances, I fought back if they wanted to, I played their games. Then I stayed important and didn't end in the end circuit. Because hidden to the outside world children were dying at the orders of customers who were willing to pay the money. The child-prostitutes all knew it, and the longer you revolved in the circuit, the bigger the threat."

1998, Regina Louf, 'Zwijgen is voor daders - De getuigenis van X1', p. 99-103

X1 gave the X-dossier team four accounts of girls who had been murdered by Michel Nihoul, and/or associates of his network, which led them to the reopening of four cold case murders

Christine Van Hees

One of these was a detailed account X1 gave of the torture and murder of a girl named “Chrissie” at a factory farm in 1984. The details X1 provided matched those in the murder of a 14 year-old girl named Christine Van Hees, whose body had been discovered on an old mushroom farm in 1984. X1’s description of the crime scene, unavailable to the public nor published in any newspaper, matched those of the cold case file so precisely that even those who would later discredit X1's testimony were forced to claim the investigators had fed her information as part of a conspiracy against the accused. The victim’s body had been badly burnt and bound with ligature fixed to the neck running down to the ankles, and one wrist had a penetration wound caused by a metal nail-like object. X1 claimed she'd witnessed a group of men torture Chrissie in this way then set her on fire. The participants she named were: Michel Nihoul, Marc Dutroux, Bernard Weinstein, and a lawyer named Michel Vander Elst.195

In the cold case file it was discovered Christine Van Hees had often visited locations also frequented at the time by Michel Nihoul and Marc Dutroux.

“An analysis of the old file shows that there is a real chance that they both crossed paths with Christine Van Hees at the beginning of 1984. Nihoul was active at the free radio station Radio Activité, located above the swimming pool where Christine Van Hees used to swim every week. The old file contains a never-exploited testimony against Nihoul's stamface Le Dolo. In 1984, witnesses also talk about a friend of Christine Van Hees who drives an American car with an eagle on the hood. Nihoul drove such a car. Francis H., the companion with whom Marc Dutroux went to harass girls at the skating rinks - including Michelle Martin - was active at the time at a free station: Radio Arc-en-Ciel in Schaarbeek. A certain Philippe M. also worked there, whose name was found in the personal telephone book of Christine Van Hees. The girl would have regularly skipped school to spend time with him. At the end of 1983, H. and Dutroux often went skating on the Poseidon in Woluwe. Christine Van Hees came there every week.”

Investigators also discovered that the judge who'd been assigned to Christine Van Hees' murder case was a magistrate named Jean-Claude Van Espen, who turned out to be a close friend and business partner of both Michel Nihoul and Bernard Weinstein. When Christine Van Hees' case was reopened under the auspices of the X-dossier investigation in 1996 with Michel Nihoul now a prime suspect, Van Espen did not recuse himself until after this conflict of interest had been brought to light by a journalist in 1998.196

X1 detailed the death of another girl named “Clo" who had been used as entertainment at Michel Nihoul’s abuse parties and fallen pregnant. X1 said she’d been taken to a house in 1983 where “Clo” had been locked inside a room about to give birth. X1 had been made to deliver the baby, which had been taken and then "Clo" had been left in the room bleeding, presumedly to death. Those present at the house X1 named as: Michel Nihoul, Michel Vander Elst, and Count Leopold Lippens. The latter had been the longtime Mayor of Knokke-Heist and member of the prominent Lippens family, who held a controlling interest in Belgium's most powerful financial institution, Société Générale de Belgique.197 198

X1 provided the name of a school she thought “Clo” had gone to and was presented with a school yearbook from the class of 1981-1982. She identified "Clo" as a student named Carine Dellaert who went missing in 1982 and whose body was found in 1985 inside a septic tank.199 The autopsy report on Carine Dellaert's body stated the following:

"At the level of the pelvis is a piece of tender woody tissue. It is a piece of a laminaria stick, an ancient medicine used to enlarge the cervix in order to easily do the conception. The drug is used very little, as it causes a lot of pain to the mother." - "Presence on a cup of a rectangular piece of gauze, indicating swelling of the breasts and fluid loss. This is common in nulliparous women." (note: nulliparous are women who give birth for the first time)."

X1 then identified a second girl from the yearbook as one who'd been murdered in a snuff film at a party sometime around 1982. Those involved or present X1 identified as: Carine Dellaert and her father Emile Dellaert, who'd been the prime suspect after his daughter's dissappeared in 1983. Michel Nihoul. And then Joost Bert and Albert Bert, who were members of a family who owned a cinema company called Decatron NV.200 201

The photo X1 identified had been that of a girl named Veronique Dubrulle who had died in 1983. Her father had been an administrator of the Decatron NV cinema company named Jacques Dubrulle who later became chairman of the International Film Festival of Flanders. On her death certificate the cause of death had been listed as cancer by two neurologists who would also be named by X1 as abusers in Nihoul’s network.202 203

Katrien De Cuyper

A forth victim X1 picked from photographs of murder victims thought to have been identified in child pornography as a girl named Katrien de Cuyper who had disappeared in 1991. X1 said the girl had been murdered during a party at a Castle belonging to a Baron named Philippe de Caters.

According to her cold case file, Katrien de Cuyper had last been seen making a phone call from a building where two porn studios linked to Gerrit Ulrich's Apollo Bulletin Boards operation had been located. And she was thought to have been identified in a video found on the Apollo Disks by the Morkhoven Workgroup.204

X1 spoke of many more murders but only those four had been traced to cold cases. Many of these others X1 said had occurred at a factory where snuff films were made. She led investigators to a factory owned by ASCO, an aerospace company belonging to an arms-dealer named Roger Boas. Boas had been a close acquaintance of former Belgian Prime Minister Paul Vanden Boeynants, whose political campaigns had been linked and funded by far-right figures thought to have been involved with Operation Gladio in Belgium. X1 said Paul Vanden Boeynants’s personal driver would take her to the factory often, where on many occasions she’d been forced to witness and partake in the murder of children. Those X1 identified as visitors to the factory included: Michel Nihoul, Michel Vander Elst, Wilfried Martens(former Belgium Prime Minister), Melchior Wathelet(Magistrate who released Dutroux), Jean-Paul Dumont, and Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin, the major funder of Paul Vanden Boeynants political campaigns and who had a controlling interest in Société Générale de Banque.205 206

Paul Vanden Boeynants

Benoit de Bonvoisin

Maurice Lippens

X1 explained she'd come to know these men through her grandmother, a brothel hostess named Madame Poupaert who ran a hotel-villa servicing the perversions of Nazi officers during WW2. After the war her grandmother's brothel became a haunt for politicians and businessmen involved in the continuation of the fascist movement within Belgium(linked with Operation Gladio). X1 said she’d been raised as a prostitute in this brothel before being used in Nihoul's blackmail operation. She'd been abused by these men there and fallen pregnant by age ten. When her water broke her grandmother had arranged an abuse party for the birth. Those who had attended X1 named Count Maurice Lippens and his brother Leopold Lippens, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Michel Nihoul, and Benoît de Bonvoisin.207a 207b

"When the contractions started her [X1's] grandmother made a phone call. The Lippens brothers, Vanden Boeynants and the assistant [police] commissioner of Knokke arrived. De Bonvoisin and Vander Elst arrived thereafter... Vander Elst puts a knife on her throat while Bonvoisin rapes her... She must masturbate while Vander Elst makes a number of photos. Lippens rapes her with a razor blade. When the child exited, de Bonvoisin beat her [multiple times in the face]. Directly after X1 gave birth she was raped and sodomized. Her daughter disappeared six weeks later. She only saw her [daughter] at the factory again."

118.869 PV, X-dossier, wikileaks.

Some of these men were also named by other x-witnesses. Baron Bonvoisin had also been named by X2. The Lippens brothers had been named by witnesses X2 and X4. Paul Vanden Boeynants had been named by witnesses X2 and X3.

The accounts given by X3 dated back to the 1950s and were the basis of the accusations against the Belgium Royal family. Coincidently, this had been a period during which Francis Shelden's first cousin Frederick M. Alger Jr. had served as the US Ambassador to Belgium, from 1952-1956.208

X3 described high society parties referred to as ‘child hunts’, held at the castle estates of Prince Charles (Belgium 1903-1983) and King Baudouin (1930-1993), attended among others by Paul Vanden Boeynants and a real estate developer Charly De Pauw.209

"The car stopped on a parterre before the house. [It] was surrounded by a park. Two supervisors were present: Ralf and Walter. The children were taken to a tower made of natural stone and with a wooden door... an underground [corridor] left from the turret toward the cellars... without light... going downward. In the cellars there were cells where the children were locked up, awaiting their turn. There also were some cells for the dogs (dobermans). The passageway gave way to a room of spectacle. In the tower: dead children's bodies in various stages of decomposition (sometimes dismembered and/or missing body parts) and carcasses of dogs. Spectators: always the same but difficult to identify - about fifty. She recognized the regent Charles, King Baudouin and King Albert, and two others that she calls Charly [De Pauw] and Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants]. She thinks to have recognized Willy Claes [later NATO secretary general] and doctor Vanden Eynde. The dogs listen to Ralf and Walter. The addicted dogs are excited. Spectacles = orgies, putting to death children and dogs. The spectacle room has a strong odor of excrements of dogs. Dogs can roam free in the garden... Gilles (12 years old??) was castrated by Polo. The other children have to drink the blood... Girls are slashed with razor blades. The lips of the vagina of X3 have partially been cut and were given to eat to the dogs... A girl's [large] vulva was cut into slices and fed to the dogs..."

"Childbirth by a teenager through a caesarean section. Baby pulled out of the stomach and given to the dogs by Polo. She saw the dismembered mother again in the exposition of the dead... She has to eat the human flesh cut from the bodies. She has to eat pieces of children (fingers) served in gelatin. Good taste - slightly sugary. It provoked an enormous sensation of hunger and thirst. Drinking blood relieved the sensation of thirst... She speaks of another murder that she committed on a girl of 3-5 years under the threat that it would be her brother who would be killed. She opened up the girl from the vagina to the breastbone with a knife. She gave the internal organs to the dog. Someone cut off the head. The child was devoured by the dogs... Murder of a young teenage woman who was opened up by Vanden Eynde... The baby shouted in the mother's stomach. She resewed the stomach with the baby inside..."

"Luxurious house with a surrounding wall and gate... non illuminated twisting path. There were some stables. Parterre with flowers. Hall of entry = cream-colored and blue tiles - red carpeting. Walls made of marble with a teenage picture of [later king] Baudouin on it. She spent a whole night with Baudouin - fellatio and sodomy. Presence of maid... In this house there were many servants... She remembers one evening when she had been smeared with cream before being brought to the table on a tray. She had been licked off and raped... At the end of another evening a child... had been castrated. The other children that were present buried the boy in a flowerbed. She remembers a child who had been decapitated, then cut and fried before being eaten. She remembers children who hung on hooks in the kitchen. A certain Solange [a female name] has been enucleated [what exactly?] with a spoon by her and an old lady."

PV 151.829, June 2, 1997, 'X3 hearing', English translation and citation via

The extraordinary nature of these claims aside, one piece of circumstantial evidence which tests the credibility of the x-dossier investigation was the fact witness X2 had been a police officer working on the case of Marc Dutroux who came forward after hearing of X1's testimony. X2 claimed she used to be the mistress of a high magistrate in Brussels named Karel Van Miert who’d taken her to abuse parties attended by many of the same people identified by X1.210

But the accounts given by X1 do not rely upon the corroboration of any other x-witnesses. The details X1 provided on the cold case murders of particularly Christine Van Hees, but also Carine Dellaert and Veronique Dubrulle, are so precise she couldn’t have made them up. X1 was either telling the truth or, the information had been fed to her by the x-dossier team. Which is what they were accused of doing when they were removed from the case but also later cleared of in court.211

It is possible the x-dossier team had framing members of the Nihoul network for murders they had committed. Would would explain why links to the Michel Nihoul network could be found in the original cold case files of four murders. Though this would mean skeptics of the x-dossier would have to come up with a conspiracy theory of their own, which still wouldn't debunk the central thesis that there had in fact been a network linked to Marc Dutroux murdering children.

The fact the duo of Jean-Michel Connerotte and Michel Bourlet had also investigated the political assassination of Antony Cools would suggest some political connotations to the Dutroux case. For a better understanding of the politics surrounding the investigation see the ISGP article:Beyond the Dutroux Affair.

The trials of Marc Dutroux and Michel Nihoul were held in 2004. Dutroux received a life sentence for the murders of the four girls found buried on his properties. Michel Nihoul was acquitted of his kidnapping related charged but was sentenced to 5 years for a criminal association with Marc Dutroux and drug trafficking. But was granted an early release in April 2005.212

Soon after the x-dossier team were replaced in 1997 the identity of X1 had been leaked to State-owned media outlets in Belgium as Regina Louf. Louf was then discredited as a fantasist suffering from 'false memory syndrome' and prevented, alongwith all the other x-witnesses, from testifying at the trials of Dutroux and Nihoul on these grounds.213

Complicating the matter of Regina Louf's mental stability was she suffered from Dissociative Identity Syndrome(DID), also commonly known as multiple personality disorder. Which is almost always diagnosed in those who have suffered severe trauma in early childhood. Lending credence to her testimony rather than dispel it.214

The theory is trauma suffered at a very early age invokes a dissociative state split off from the core personality developing within the child to protect it from suffering. That when this dissociative state is invoked repeatedly through repeated abuse, it can develop into an ulterior personality alongside the core personality of the child, in which the experiences and memories of the trauma become compartmentalised.

These trauma invoked dissociative states are similar to the ones which can also be induced in certain adults through hypnosis. The personality shuts off and they fall under the control of the hypnotist. Which demonstrates, quite often on stage before an audience, that the minds of people in dissociative states can be controlled.

For instance, in the hours before they were kidnapped by Marc Dutroux, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks had attended the performance of a hypnotist named Rasti Rostelli.

"On the evening of the kidnapping, An and her girlfriend Eefje Lambrecks, who was also murdered by Dutroux, had attended a Rostelli hypnosis show in Blankenberge on the coast in August 1995. Father Marchal initially insisted on Rostelli coming as a witness, because he thought that the girls were still lured by Dutroux under the influence of hypnosis. He also bases this on statements made by friends of An and Eefje, who were on holiday with the girls on the Belgian coast at the time of the kidnapping. According to a friend, who testified in court in Arlon on Tuesday, An “was a tigress when attacked; she would never just go along with a type of Dutroux'. This strengthens Quirynen's conviction that the girls must have been confused or weakened by the hypnosis.
Other friends of the two girls, who had previously been hypnotized, also reported fatigue. An had scolded those friends because they had hitchhiked back from the hypnosis evening to their residence on the coast. 'An would never hitchhike herself', says a friend of the girls. Father Marchal concluded earlier that the show must have confused the girls so much that they just hitched a ride with Dutroux.
However, a Rostelli technical assistant, who was due to appear in court on Tuesday, said the shows "posed no danger whatsoever". The court psychiatrist Deberdt will testify later. He previously stated that participants in a hypnosis show usually return to full consciousness after ten minutes. The jury may also get to see recordings of the show in Blankenberge later.
Rostelli had put the two girls under hypnosis. Both were on stage in Blankenberge for almost two hours. The similarly hypnotized friends say it took them hours to fully recover from the hypnosis."

The performance had been recorded and was described in a Dutch magazine article critical of Rasti Rostelli's techniques.

"Eefje shrinks and remains lying on stage. An runs away screaming and has to be brought back by an assistant. He speaks to her a little later in his lingering, compelling voice: 'You are going to feel everything I do with this doll in your body.' Rostelli smiles his sadistic smile. He hammers the head of the rag doll with a hammer. He puts a stick between the buttocks and kisses the cloth lips. An puts two hands in front of her face and screams something unintelligible. Nobody laughs. He lets An sleep for the rest of the show.
He tells Eefje that she must seduce him. Giggling, she asks Rostelli, "Are you coming to the beach?" Nice and romantic.' Now the audience is laughing. After the show, the security video camera records how An and Eefje wander around the casino in a daze. An eats from an imaginary lemon. Eve rubs her eyes. The same night they probably fall into the hands of child rapist Marc Dutroux."

'What he(Rostelli) is doing is simply irresponsible,' says Johan Vanderlinden of the Association for Autogenic Training and Hypnotherapy. "His methods always run the risk of resurfacing past trauma and people who have been hypnotized going home emotionally confused." According to psychologist Piet Vroon, it is not yet really clear what happens in the brain during hypnosis. “One says it's pure role play, with the hypnotized playing along; others believe it goes further.' Vroon believes that hypnotists should at least study their professional literature carefully. Hypnosis as entertainment is playing with fire. It's just not clear what kind of fire is being played with.'"

Marc Dutroux had induced similar conditions in the two girls rescued from his basement.

"The Belgian investigating judge who ordered Marc Dutroux's arrest in August 1996 described yesterday how two young girls hid from their rescuers and embraced their torturer when they were freed."

"When Dutroux escorted police to the specially-built cellar where Sabine and Laetitia were held, they "didn't want to come out" and tried to hide from their rescuers, Connerotte said. They thanked Dutroux. It was absolutely terrible. They kissed him. That shows how much he had conditioned them," he said."

It's possible Dutroux had been at Rasti Rostelli's show and upon seeing An and Eefje's suseptability to hypnosis targeted them afterwards. As one of Dutroux's accomplices explained:

"[One day] I asked him why they [An and Eefje] were still with him even though he claimed he had an order. He told me that the people who had placed the order had come, but that they weren't interested in them... Dutroux explained me that he conditioned the girls to be obedient and submissive when they arrived at customers..."

The association between trauma and hypnosis induced dissociative states and the development of alter personalities within them, had been written about by a Canadian-American psychologist named George Estabrooks as early as 1943 in his book 'Hypnotism'. In it Estabrooks describes the first known clinical treatment of a patient with multiple personalities in a woman named Christine Beauchamp at the hands of a physician named Morton Prince, who wrote of his account in a 1906 book, 'The Dissociation of a Personality'. Of this Estabrooks observed:

We would wish to make a point before we proceed, since we wish later to show more clearly how and why hypnotism is of such use in these cases; in reality they are caused by a form of hypnotism in the first place! We will see that emotional shock produces exactly the same results as hypnotism, that hypnotism may in reality be a form of emotional shock. We are not clear on this point, but we do know that shock gives us all the phenomena of hypnotism and vice versa. If we read over the Beauchamp case or most other such cases we will see that the condition has been caused by some severe emotional strain. What actually happened in the Beauchamp case appears to have been somewhat as follows. A very severe period of fear in childhood ending about the age of seven in a bad fright received from the father. This "split" the personality into the Sally, or Bill and the BII parts. Sally remained the childish creature she was at that time as a "co-conscious" personality, while BII continued her development. Then around the age of eighteen came another great shock, this time in connection with her love life, when BII split into BI, the Angel, and BIV, the Woman.

In 1959 Esterbrooks applied to The National Institute of Mental Health to fund a proposed study: "Hypnotism in Juvenile Delinquency".215

The National Institution of Mental Health had at the time been a cutout used to fund MKUltra research into various prospective methods of mindcontrol, some of which involved children.216

In August 1961 Subproject 136 of the MKUltra program was approved for funding, entitled: 'Experimental Analysis of Extrasensory Perception'. While this research was carried out under the auspices of ESP and telepathy, the following details are found its objective statement.217

"In working with individual subjects, special attention will be given to disassociative states, which tend to accompany spontaneous ESP experiences. Such states can be induced or controlled to some extent with hypnosis and drugs. Some of this work will make use of qualitative stimuli, such as drawings and ideas with special associations. . .

"The experimenters will be particularly interested in disassociative states, from the abaissment de niveau mental to multiple personality in so-called mediums, and an attempt will be made to induce a number of states of this kind, using hypnosis. . .

"The data used in this study will be obtained from group ESP experiments which have yielded significant results, high scoring subjects from special groups such as psychotics, children and mediums, and from psychological and educational tests in which answers are of the multiple choice type. "

A reasonable summation of the subproject's agenda was to induce dissociative states in children through drugs and hypnosis to create multiple personalities. It had been known such states could be induced in children through trauma leading to the development of ulterior personalities. Which aligned perfectly with MKUltra's mandate. The discovery of effective methods of mind control to create brainwashed operatives able to to carry out their objectives unwittingly. According to correspondance published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, children had been used in MKUltra subprojects with little ethical consideration.218

In his 1959 study proposal Estabrooks had written of the especially high levels of susceptibility children had to these techniques, “ It is quite likely that in a large proportion, say, 50 per cent, of the cases classed as juvenile delinquents, hypnotherapy offers a promising approach. While one out of five adults are good hypnotic subjects, four out of five children fall in this category”.219

While it's unclear whether Estabrooks had ever been involved with MKUltra, he did claim in an article published in a 1971 edition of Science Digest, entitled 'Hypnosis comes of age', to have successfully created multiple personalities through hypnotic techniques in officers of the US Army's intelligence division during WW2. Estabrooks may have been embellishing his academic prestige but he'd also been a Rhode Scholar, so not exactly an academic quack.

But what if hypnosis had failed to produce in children what trauma could. Would the behaviorists stop for ethical reasons? There is a theory.

That when MKUltra ended in 1973 this line of inquiry had been continued off the books and elements within the CIA turned from academics to pedophilia groups as conduits to carry out trauma-based mind control experiments. Perhaps explaining in addition to political blackmail, why at times these groups have been protected and to have ties with the CIA.


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Ibid., p. 62. Cites PV 2.557, August 29, 1996. English translation via

"I would like to reveal other things about Jean-Michel Nihoul, but I don't want that these testimonies are taken up in the dossier. As I said, I fear for my life and those around me. I remind you that Nihoul told me the following: 'if you cross me, I will destroy you'. With those words he made it known to me that he would kill me or have me killed."

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193. An international arrest warrant for Julian Assange was issued on November 17 2010 by the Swedish Prosecutor's Office, which marked the beginning of the end for him. If it can be assume Assange was targeted for a wikileaks release prior to this date that only leaves a few possibilities. In April 2010 wikileaks released the collateral murder video. Wikileaks had also published the X-Dossier in Feb 2009, but this hadn't actually been discovered until August 2010.

“The recent publication of secret documents on Wikileaks is causing trouble in Belgium: Sensitive investigative files from the case of the convicted child molester Marc Dutroux have been uploaded to the disclosure portal. Liège Attorney General Cédric Visart de Bocarmé told Belgian broadcaster RTBF on Wednesday that he was "unhappy because the documents come from trial files that are still classified” - Enthüllungen sorgen für Ärger, Suddeutsche Zeitung, August 25 2010

At the end of August 2010 Assange was first questioned by Swedish police regarding his rape accusation. The very first criminal investigation brought against him.

These charges stemmed from complaints made by two women on August 20 together. Woman A had arranged for Assange to visit Sweden and he had stayed at her flat where they had sex. Woman A then introduced Assange to woman B, who invited him to stay at her flat where they had sex. Both women then reported rapes of identical detail. - 10 days in Sweden: the full allegations against Julian Assange, The Guardian, December 18 2010

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116.019, 28/10/96 Findings death of "CLO" 28/10/96 CLO would be worn between June and December 83 HUPEZ VANDEBOGAERT comes unexpectedly to pick up X1 and the driving blindfolded to a house where she is locked in a room on the ground floor with CLO who is about to give birth. X1 helps CLO give birth and a boy is born alive. X1 cut the cord and puts the child on CLO's stomach. They came to pick up the child while X1 takes care of CLO. CLO dies and VANDENBOGAERT forces X1 to leave. LIPPENS, VANDERELST and 2 strangers go with X1 to a restaurant Chinese in BRUGES. They are joined by an assistant commissioner from KNOKKE and a French-speaking man in his forties named GUY. After the restaurant, they all go to KNOKKE at the grandmother of X1 (Cécile) where they are expected by the grandmother. X1 is raped by LIPPENS then by VANDERELST. X1 struggles and at 5 (2 others in addition to LIPPENS, VANDERELST and the commissioner hold her and rape her. CLO is identified as: DELLAERT Carine (01/04/66)

198. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 408 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

116.018, 25/10/96 - Fourth audition of X1. Three or four months after his first delivery (November or December 83), Tony came to pick up X1 in GAND (blindfolded). Arrived in a house not very far from Ghent, (description of the places). Presence of three or four people in the living room (Tony, LIPPEN and VANDERELST + two other people). X1 in the same room as CLO - Childbirth of CLO. CLO bleeds a lot. X1 is alone and no one helps CLO. Birth of CLO's baby (a boy). X1 cuts the cord. They come to get CLO's baby. This one dies (losing a lot of blood). X1 had to accompany the men (sans Tony) in VANDERELST's car. Arrival in a Chinese restaurant in the center of BRUGGE with LIPPENS, VANDERELST, the two accompanying persons and two new arrivals (including the deputy commissioner of KNOKKE). Deputy Commissioner had previously raped X1 during parties at the SWALLOW. Leaving the restaurant: appointment with the grandmother (Cécile). XI in the commissioner's car must perform oral sex while driving. X1 is violated by everyone present. (LIPPEN, VANDERELST, and the others... X1 is hit). Presentation of photos to X1: recognizes CLO, points to several girls also raped. Precision: simple orgies = in the living room. The others so as not to stain with blood: garage or kitchen. Orgy also at X1's father's employer. XI, also cites De Hanne, UCO, his own mother, NIHOUL's wife. X1 also specifies the presence of BOUTY when she was raped by NIHOUL at JETTE rue Dupré n°51. BOUTY had an active part in parties and liked to upset children. (putting objects in the children's orifices...knives, screwdrivers, ... which hurt the children). BOUTY had the role of executioner. X1 = NIEMAND. BOUTY dressed in leather, latex during special evenings. The other participants too. Use of crosses, various signs...(drawing done by X1). Introducing a photo of a young girl that X1 has seen at several "parties" before, it clarifies that THEY KILLED HER. Daughter brought by Tony (and possibly CLO) to a house in GHENT. (at CLO). X1 claims to have had to participate in the “killing of this young girl”. Put knife and chisel, broken bottle in her vagina. Slashed everywhere with a razor. Presence of Tony, the old man from Dekascoop, his son (the oldest), the lawyer VANDERELST. The girl was raped. X1 was forced to act (being raped and injured as well) X1 stabbed the girl to death. Stage presence X1, this girl, CLO and another girl named in a photo by X1. X1 is then raped, along with CLO and the other girl. X1 falls asleep and is taken home by Tony (always with his MERCEDES). X1 is bleeding profusely. The girl killed = Véronique. X1 had heard the first name from CLO.

199. 'The girl who gave birth in secret', Demorgen, January 8 1998

200. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 1038 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

150.073 21/1/97 - NITIAL BR.21.66.150073/97 FALSE IN PRIVATE WRITE Following hearing X1 of 25/10/96 PV 117.986/96 file 109/96 JI LANGLOIS Victim DUBRULLE Véronique (16/02/66) According to the witness, she was the victim of a sado-maso party She was raped and killed in 1983 It is possible that the whole party was filmed (snuff-movie) Official death = 04/09/83 natural death C3 issued by doctors DE SCHRIJVER L. and DE WAELE L. of the St-Vincent de GENT hospital The body is buried in the cemetery of DRONGEN parc 3 tomb 915

201. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 409 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

116.020, 28/10/96 - Finding RAPE and MURDER ON DUBRULLE VERONIQUE. Identification of those present: 1° Minors: - Veronique DUBRULLE born in GAND on 16.02.66 declared dead in GAND on September 04, 1983. last. Address: TerRivieren 18 in 9031 GHENT. - X1 - DUPONT Sandra. Wife DE VIDTS Johan born in GHENT on May 24, 1972 linked to GHENT Veronicastraat 18. - her friend Clo DELAERT = Carine (deceased identified above). 2° Majors: -DELLAERT Emile (11.05.40) last address GHENT Kanteklaarstraat n°5. - NIHOUL Michel - BOUTY Annie. - VAN DEN BOGAERT Antoine (26.01.42) linked to ANTWERP Turnhoutsebaan 81/10. - BERT Albert (09.10.27) says the old man from Decascoop. last address COURTRAI Wikingerhof n°7. - BERT Joost (18.04.56) says the old man's eldest son. dlinked to COURTRAI Wikingerhof n°11. (managing director of DECSCOOP). - VANDERELST Michel (10.06.46) linked to LINKEBEEK Hellebeekstraat n°347. DUBRULLE Véronique was declared dead on 04.09.83 in GAND. CLO is present during the events although reported missing since 30.08.92 she dies after giving birth between June and December 1983. The facts rape and murder (murder) of DUBRULLE Véronique takes place at Clo DELLAERT Emile Clo's father was present. - Verifications concerning: exact location of the places. official circumstances of the death of Véronique DUBRULLE. Identification of Sabrina (another girl present at a similar evening) Identification and possible location of the Mercedes used at the time by VANDEN BOGAERT.

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205. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 431 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

116.253 30/11/96 - RECOGNITION BY X1 of a FACTORY in ZAVENTEM X1 recognizes two places where child sacrifices took place during filmed orgies ASCO factory Firm AXORY PARCELS Sterebeekstraat in ZAVENTEM (zoning) ASCO AERO INDUSTRIES SA = MAES Jozef - VANGEYTE Andrée - BOAS Christian - JONKERS Roger and DELVAUX Fronville - BOAS Roger AXORY PARCELS = AXOR BELGIUM SA = GAMBERDINI Richard - LOMBARD Marie-Christine - JET SERVICES SA - DELOITTE & .. - CAILLE Roger - SWIEDZIOL Daniel

206. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 479 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

150.889, 24/03/97 - FAX TRANSLATION of X1 dated 03/18/97 - Factory - CLO Sometimes we woke her up at night to take her to the factory Woken up by TONY, VDB driver, guard dog, cameraman, his mother Blindfolded before arriving She was going alone but there were other children there She met CLO there X1 was 08 years old (first period) This time there was on site NIHOUL-Roger-VDB-BOUTY -cameraman CLO's father came to drive her and left TONY loved Shirley BASSEY 04 men arrived It seems that these evenings were organized for people with whom they were in business or who could have an influence on business Sometimes contracts were signed during the evenings Contest between a guest and TONY to see if the guest would push their fingers in faster in X1's vagina or if TONY would do it faster in CLO's vagina We started filming when the guests had sex with X1 and CLO CLO and X1 had to make love together with vibrators + fellatio, sodomy When the guests finished the others started with violence X1 had to whip CLO while she licked BOUTY X1 with a leather collar around the neck - it tightened when pulled They liked to provoke a rivalry between the girls BOUTY liked to introduce objects into the body BOUTY gave CLO scissors to push them into X1's vagina to the point that TONY had to intervene BOUTY acts like this because adults always have detention but not children who are afraid ROGER and guests signed papers editor's note: ROGER could be BOAS the boss of ASCO since he signs the contracts with the guests Later CLO became his support and his confidante CLO resented her because she hit her back then X1 reports that JP DUMONT was his client He was also going to get her for men in KNOKKE and GENT Sometimes he went looking for her with VANDER ELST DUMONT likes to see children being mistreated DUMONT sometimes went to the factory - he was then very excited When he came to pick her up, her mother was notified by TONY or MICH and she had to go to DECASCOOP DUMONT passed with black PORSCHE, white MERCEDES 500SEL One day her mother picked her up from school in CHEVY and brought her to DECASCOOP where DUMONT arrived and took her to ASCO She had to suck DUMONT in the car At ASCO he left her in the car and another went to pick her up (NIHOUL) Present: NIHOUL - DUMONT - Chris - VANDER ELST - BONVOISIN - Martin - MARTENS - WATHELET - VDB - watchdog and others and as children MIEKE (Marie-Thérèse), SANDRA (10 years old) and another (09 years old) already seen on the circuits When they talked about business, the women did not attend except sometimes BOUTY MIEKE had to do a striptease on a desk The others gave points and NIHOUL noted on a board The one with the best score was the best treated DUMONT liked to hit with a belt or a whip and piss on children X1 was brought into the bathroom, into the shower where NIHOUL, the guard dog, MARTENS and another urinated on her and made her drink the urine Then they ran cold water while they beat him with a belt Finally she had to suck them all On her return to the common room she saw that SANDRA was sucking off BONVOISIN and that WATHELET raped MIEKE The other girl was curled up in a corner with numerous marks of blows Then MIEKE was coated in chocolate and the other girls had to clean her before being raped DUMONT brought her home TONY was not present - he was at a party in GENT with CLO Discussions focused on financial structures Among KNOKKE's customers there was a paraplegic who no longer knew he had an erection - X1 had to masturbate in front of him There was also a lame man who had a cane with which he struck There was a stutterer There was a man with a paralyzed arm As clubs she knows: The LIDO near GENT - the DOLO - a bar Drongsesteenweg the JONATHAN in BXL, THE ROSE (BXL) the QUEEN (ANTW) and clubs in OOSTENDE-KNOKKE (old road) St-MARTENS-LATEM and old road to BXL Regarding MARC - she quotes WEINSTEIN - Frederic - Philip - Vic At 10-11 years old she took speed and coke

207a. 'Rechtbank verbiedt boek Regina Louf'('Court bans book Regina Louf'), De Morgen, October 29 1998

207b. 'Zwijgen is voor daders - De getuigenis van X1', Regina Louf, 1998

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209. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 1072 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

151.829, 02/06/97 - AUDITION OF X3 (ROYAL FAMILY PART) - Participants in the evenings: CHARLES Prince of Belgium Prince of LIEGE King BAUDOUIN 1° Prince of LIEGE (Young) Prince CHARLES - Victim SOLANGE (enucleated by X3 during a social evening). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -- X3 victim from 03 to 12 years old (rape-orgies-torture-zoophilia-prostitution) From 03 to 08 years old: rape by his parents and friends of his parents Large, less well-off family She or her sister was delivered to the winner of the bridge games organized at her house Initially: touching but then more and more violent until ablation partial clitoris Participants: COPPENS Roger, ADRIAANSSEN Henri, SMET François and his wife Jeanne, doctor VANDEN EYNDE René who fixed her after the sessions Deflowered by her father then raped by the men present Around 07-08 years old: partial removal of the clitoris by COPPENS in the presence of the other cities Children's food poisoned so that one of them is sick During a party, the game consisted of introducing all sorts of objects into her vagina and other natural orifices (carrot, poker) Rapes by VANDEN EYNDE in his house in OOSTDUINKERKE - very report sore After 12 years she was introduced into a pedophilia network with three types of parties -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------- Photo evenings Her mother made her as attractive as possible to the men who came to see the children. She spread his penis -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------ Show evenings Her mother drugged her (medicines) to make her sleepy (injection or oral route - PHENERGAN ??) Her father drove her to a meeting place She was picked up with other children in a black MERCEDES, leather interior with two seats facing each other Also picked up in pink American car with white roof driven by CHARLY Fairly long journey with yellow lamps Always luxurious houses editor's note: she will talk about the two distinct "houses": the one where the shows took place and the one where the hunts took place Son would pick her up from the meeting place and bring her back to the house where VANDEN EYNDE looked after On the spot the car stopped on a flower bed in front of the house House surrounded by a park Two supervisors on site: RALF and WALTER The children were brought in a natural stone turret with wooden door There was probably a floor in the turret an underground started from the turret towards cellars Underground without light - earth and slope In the cellars there were cells where the children were locked up waiting their turn There were also cells for dogs (Dobermans) The corridor overlooked a theater In the turret: bodies of dead children in various stages of decomposition (sometimes dismembered and/or missing pieces) and dog carcasses Spectators: always the same but difficult to identify - around fifty She recognized the regent CHARLES, King BAUDOUIN and King ALBERT and two others whom she calls CHARLY and POLO She thinks she recognized Willy CLAES and doctor VANDEN EYNDE Dogs obedient to RALF and WALTER Dogs drugged to be excited Shows = orgies, killing children and dogs, ... Theater with strong smell of dog excrement Dogs loose in the garden -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- GILLES (12 years old??) was emasculated by POLO The other children had to drink his blood She thinks she saw him cut up again in the dead room -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Girls slashed with razor blades X3's sex lips were partially cut off and fed to the dogs -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Hunt prepared by CHARLY and POLO Present: Charles-Ferdinand NOTHOMB (???) On another place Big white house with upstairs and stables Park with round pond and fountain emerging from a character Children were let loose naked and when caught they were raped The hunt ended in torture in the playhouse Girl's big lips were sliced and fed to dogs -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Deflowering of a 7-9 year old girl by a dog Exciting product on girl's sex The other children must have licked the blood -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Around the age of 10 she had to initiate other children editor's note: she says however that it happens after her 12 years -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- A baby eaten by dogs -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Childbirth of a teenager by caesarean section Baby ripped from belly and given to dogs by POLO She saw the dismembered mother again in the dead room She saw the dead dogs in this room -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- She must have eaten human flesh cut from the corpses in the death room. She must have eaten pieces of children (fingers) served in gelatin Good taste - slightly sweet This caused a huge feeling of hunger and thirst Drinking blood relieved the feeling of thirst -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Childbirth of a single woman From birth the baby was devoured by dogs After birth: rape of the mother by POLO ert CHARLY The remains of the child must have been eaten by the children present POLO kills dogs and hollows them out like butchered pigs -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- One game involved having the children stick knitting needles into a woman's vagina. girl tied to a board The girl died of it and was raped by RALF, POLO, CHARLY, WALTER and ALBERT -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- She even had to cut the throat of a girl with a knife given by POLO She was then cut up and the inside of the body was given to the dogs After the murder she was raped The next day she attended a barbecue -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ She talks about another murder she committed on a 3-5 year old girl under threat that it would be his brother who would be killed She opened the sex girl to the sternum with a box cutter She gave the inside of the body to the dog someone cut off their head the child was devoured by dogs -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Murder of a young pubescent woman opened by VANDEN EYNDE She had to give the girl's guts to the dogs who were then put down The baby was crying in his mother's womb She sewed up the belly with the baby inside -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Quartering of CEDRIC (6-8 years old) because he had refused to cut his throat It was BAUDOUIN who saved her from being slaughtered -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- She also had to eat dog feces -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 4-5 year old boy whose penis has been sewn to the purse -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- She had to cut off the vulva of a female dog called RITA -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- A girl whose vagina lips were sewn before being raped We also sewed threads to the lips of her sex to spread them -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------- -- social evenings Same process as for arriving at evening shows Luxurious house with perimeter wall and gate then unlit winding path There were stables Flowerbeds with flowers Entrance hall = cream and blue tiles - red fabrics on the steps Marble walls with a painting by BAUDOUIN as a teenager She spent a whole night with BAUDOUIN - blowjob and sodomy Presence of servant She recalls a night when she was slathered in crème fraîche before being brought to table on a tray She was licked and raped In this house there were many servants the evening ended in an orgy Description of parts At the end of another evening a child of 08 years old (??) was emasculated The children present buried the boy in a flowerbed She remembers a child who was decapitated then cut up and fried before being eaten She remembers children hanging from hooks in the kitchen A certain Solange was enucleated by her and an old lady with a spoon -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------- - Shortly before her 12th birthday she was placed as a prostitute in a bar It was CHARLY who put it there It stopped after he was raped by his uncle On this occasion his penis had remained stuck and he freed himself by hitting his head against floor She was hospitalized for 15 days in OOSTENDE -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------- - it was her parents who delivered her to the network She was continually threatened with death for her and her loved ones She gives diagrams of the places mentioned

210. Dutroux dossier summary, 1235 pages, 2005, page 1213 via,_1235_pages,_2005

NOTE - following is a google translation into English of what had been a French translation of Flemish.

117.535, 19/11/96 - FIRST HEARING of X2 The remarks relate to the mistress of KAREL a senior magistrate in BXL KAREL and X2 every other WE in KNOKKE in KAREL's sister's apartment Zeedijk 841 block Lekkerbek Sister = wife of a son of CEO KODAK in SWITZERLAND KAREL had more and more sexual demands (blowjob - erotic clothes - particular positions, ...) He used physical strength and strength of character to impose his desires Then he took her to orgies where she wore a wig Orgies at the apartment but also in the NETHERLANDS At KNOKKE he also received other Brussels magistrates (DELVOIE - RASPE) At this time X2 had to leave Orgies in villas in KNOKKE around the Golf The villas have been designated (PV 116,799) Also in the villa of LIPPENS Maurice Orgies with underage girls at the CROMWEL hotel in KNOKKE Present: DELVOIE - KAREL - X2 - LIPPENS - VAN GELUWE (Court of Appeal of Brussels) Etienne DAVIGNON The girls knew where to go and with whom LIPPENS bangs the girls Several meetings between KAREL and DAVIGNON at the MEMLING hotel with the two LIPPENS Also orgies with minors in EINDHOVEN with DELVOIE Castle 18°S Convoy travel from KNOKKE Cars with German plates followed with the girls Reception of the castle = a woman = price of 2,000-bef/person You have to be a couple Compulsory undressing (possibly bikini accepted) Pool - sauna - tanning bed - cold buffet Upstairs bedrooms without doors and themed rooms Bedroom with mirrors and camera Bedroom with several mattresses Room with obstetric tables - handcuffs - chains KAREL and X2 = 30-50 times in this castle Same girls as at CROMWELL Clients of the castle: Patrick DENIS (PC since 1986) A friend of DENIS: transvestite in ANTWERPEN but French speaking = PATRICK Companion of this transvestite = favorite of VAN ROSSEM Jean-Pierre (blonde) Companion at the time of VAN ROSSEM (blonde) VAN ROSSEM Jean-Pierre Baron de BONVOISIN John Paul DUMONT Friend of Patrick DENIS = CARINE Another CARINE and PATRICIA who work at the Palais de Justice in BXL Benoit HUBERT (PJ DINANT Claude Leroy BOULEE (lawyer from Nivelles) People who frequented orgies in the WATERLOO region X2 was of legal age and seemed the oldest The girls were obviously underage X2 was forced to participate in orgies and have homosexual relations with the little girls Girls disappeared when they were around 15-16 years old For orgies: girls aged 12-13 In the summer of 88 one of the oldest (15-16 years old) went up to the sado-maso room - we didn't never seen again The girls drank alcohol and came out of these orgies with blows

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